5 Ways Vehicle Storage Facilities Can Be Useful To Car Owners

4 Jan 2019

One of the most functional and valuable things you can own is your car. Sometimes, however, you need to ensure that you keep it in a safe place. Self-storage facilities across the country have sprouted these days to cater to the growing demand of car owners, offering a well-monitored, and secure place to store your vehicle.

So whether you’re looking for a place to store your car for a couple of weeks, or you’re looking for a second garage outside your home, a car storage facility is what you need.

Types of Car Storage

Storage facilities offer different car storage services that you can choose from ‒ outdoor car storage, covered car storage, and indoor car storage units.

Each offers various benefits and costs, making it more convenient for you to choose which type of car storage fits your budget, (as well as the type and quality of your vehicle and how long will you store it.)

Outdoor car storage

Outdoor car storage is usually a paved parking area within the facility’s premises. Since most of these spots aren’t under a roof or a building, they’re one of the cheapest ways to store your car. But of course, storing your car outdoors can leave it vulnerable to other elements such as the sun and rain, which causes your vehicle to rust.

To ensure that your car is protected from these environmental threats, a high-quality car cover can be used if you plan to store your vehicle here for an extended period.

Covered car storage

Some storage facilities offer covered areas for you to park your car. In covered car storages, you can have your vehicle parked under vast, flat roofs. While the roof may provide some form of protection from environmental elements, your car can be still vulnerable to dust and dirt.

Indoor car storage units

If you want to have maximum protection, it’s best to turn to indoor car storage units. Storing your vehicle in an indoor storage unit will protect it from sunlight, precipitation, dust, and dirt. It’s even possible to rent a controlled climate unit.


Now that we’ve discussed the types of car storage units, we’ll move on to talk about the fantastic benefits when you store your vehicle in a car storage.

1. Lesser exposure to potential risks and damages

Like we said before, keeping your car in an indoor car storage facility can protect your vehicle from harsh environmental elements, no matter what the season is. Think about how the hot summer rays of the sun can do to both the interior and exterior of your car.

Also, the winter season can also mean ice and snow, while autumn, lots of storms and rain. Hail damage can also cause a significant amount of concern, especially when intense storms occur.

Keeping your car in an indoor storage facility can protect it from these extreme weather conditions, which can cause a considerable amount of damage to your vehicle in the long run.

2. Frees up space in your garage

So you might have limited space in your garage. If you have more than one vehicle that isn’t used regularly, the best option isn’t to park it somewhere in the street, the driveway, or the backyard.

If you already have a garage full of vehicles that it’s almost impossible to walk through it, the best option is to find a reliable storage space facility. Doing so frees a lot of garage space.

3. It can help reduce costly repairs

Not properly storing your car can cause a lot of damage to it, depending on the environment that it’s exposed to. Vehicles have to be stored in a dry space, at room temperature to prevent it from rusting, and growing molds. It also prevents metal-to-metal parts from sticking. If your car acquires these damages, it will require costly repairs on your part.

4. Security of their customers’ belongings is their top priority

When parking your car on the street, you’ll never know if someone has side swept your vehicle or knocked your side mirror.

Storing your car in a secure place can keep your car out of sight and locked away from vandals and thieves. You’re also sure that the belongings inside your vehicle are protected.

5. Professionals will maintain your vehicle

Leaving your car in a self-storage facility means that it is well-maintained by professionals. Thus, you have a peace of mind that your vehicle is well-taken cared of.

In Summary

There are many reasons why you should store your car in a safe, and well-monitored car storage facility. Whether you want to free up space in your garage, or to protect it from the harsh environmental elements, storing your vehicle in a secure location is probably one of the best solutions out there.

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