7 awesome hacks for first-time campers

11 Jun 2018

Heading outdoors for a camping adventure is immeasurably exciting. There’s always a first time and good encounters make it worthwhile.  We’re all beginners before we settle in. There are times when we learn it the hard way round though we want you to gain insights from the experts. To begin with, don’t experiment camping too far from your home. Check whether you are good enough to take the big step.

Outdoor experiences are boundless for which we need the most practical solutions for carrying minimal stuff. It’s tricky to use items for more than its original use. It involves a lot of planning and energy for outdoor activities such as camping and hiking. Save yours to use it for camping instead of carrying heaps of irrelevant stuff.

Looking out for awesome hacks to be a happy camper this summer? Here are some expert tips to follow when camping for the first time!



  1. Chips for kindling

In case you can’t find sticks to burn, you have a handy alternative. You will definitely carry packs of chips to munch when not in a mood to have a proper meal. Do you know you can use it to burn fire? Place them in the grass outside and lit it with a matchstick. It works unexpectedly well! Try it in your backyard if you are afraid it might burn down the entire jungle.


  1. Put food in zip lock bags

Place food products in zip lock bags. Collect the uncooked frozen food bags in a box. Also, do the cutting and chopping before leaving your comfort zone and vacuum seal the bags.

Place frozen bottles refrigerated for 3 days into the box. This will take time to melt. Take food as you when you need to cook. If you thaw all at once chances are it will go bad.


  1. Tic-tac boxes for carrying masalas

Gather a few tic-tac cases to fill ingredients such as chili flakes, cayenne, nutmeg, turmeric, salt, garlic powder, and herbs. These are compact, easy to use and restricts carrying large boxes of each.  These are good for traveling and camping. Open it and use when needed.


  1. DIY Hand wash station using an old box of the detergent dispenser

Pick a huge, empty box of a detergent dispenser in your house and clean it properly. Add water to it and take it with you to the camping site. Keep a hand wash next to it to make it a hand washing station.

Additionally, you can attach a paper towel holder tied with bungee cords. Can also place a bucket (not necessary though!) so there isn’t any mess around.


  1. Pots and Pans holder

Take off your belt (hope your pant is secure) and tie around a tree. Add hooks to it and place your utensils and cutlery. Organize your camp kitchen and hang pots and pans out of them away.

Multitasking in the woods is essential for a camper or your survival will become a big question.


  1. Pour your eggs

Concerned about carrying eggs safely? Break them up, whisk and fill it in a disposable, plastic bottle. You can add seasonings before you set out in order to save time during the camping.

No noises of eggs cracking to stress you during the trip. Only pour in the pan as much as you wish to eat and refresh your energy during camping.  Save the bottle in the refrigerated box (icebox) to prevent going bad.


  1. Individual identical sleeping bags

Instead of carrying a big, double sleeping bag, buy two identical ones and zip them up together. This idea is versatile, practical, and most importantly economical. Your sleeping bag is the best companion; choose the best one. Get the best deal and don’t spend on a bad quality product.


When camping for the first time, don’t do it alone. Any mishap can happen anytime hence bring along a friend. Be very observant, however, don’t let ants and other species ruin your trip.

Research in detail before you set out toward the destination. Carry appropriate gear including the right bell tents and follow these expert tips to avoid the hassle. Share your experience with newbies and give them your golden piece of advice. I am sure they will learn a lot from you!



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