Be Careful Whole Picking Makeup for Oily Skin

16 Oct 2018

Putting makeup is not a very tough process but one just needs to keep the season and occasion in mind before applying them. Also, the other thing that has to be kept in mind is the skin type. One needs to pick up makeup items that suit their skin type.

If one is not too keen to go for regular makeup products then they can always try the natural ones. There is natural organic vegan makeup for oily skin available which one can pick because they have no chemicals in it. While applying makeup always keep in mind certain things.

Always choose a cleanser which does not leave your skin tightened after washing. Also, do not clean up your face more than twice a day because if you wash too much, then the natural oil of the skin also goes down with it. But yes, one always has to cleanse their face before applying makeup and after that for removing makeup. This is very essential because applying makeup on a clean face makes all the difference. Also going to sleep with a clean and nourished face is very important.

Everyone uses a primer as the base of their make up because it helps in better application better makeups. This is because it acts as a protective layer in between your skin and your make up so that the makeup when applied does not get clogged or form pores. As a result of this, the applied makeup lasts stronger on your skin. When you have an oily skin keeps an eye while you are buying your primer. You have to notice that the primer is not silicone based.

Getting a foundation for an oily skin can be a bit difficult. This is because most of the foundations tend to melt quickly and so it needs proper touch-ups every one or two hours. The best way to prevent this problem is to go for a powder based foundation.  These foundations are never heavy on your skin. Water foundations and mousse also have a proper matte finish. Go for a foundation that has special oil controlling properties if you have excessively oily skin.

When you have oily skin then always use a face powder because it is the best thing that you can do. Go for compressed powders that can soak up oil very easily. Also, choose ones which have minerals in it.  Avoid those powders which have shimmers in it. Use a blotting paper to soak up the excess oil before using powder on your face.

If you leave in a humid country and you have an oily skin then always try to keep your makeup as minimum as possible. The lighter the makeup, the more it stays intact on your face. Also if you go for heavy makeup it will tend to melt soon giving a shiny texture on your face which does not look nice. You can go for all natural vegan makeup for oily skin as they are less harsh on the skin.

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