Hvar sailing adventure

10 Feb 2018

Sailing around Hvar has to be an 80 navigational mile round trip. Starting from cape Pelegrin towards the Hvar port, then alongside the southward shoreline of the Hvar Island to Sućuraj while along the northerly part toward cape Kabal as well as Stari Grad, exists a north wind and landward breeze.

From cape Pelegrin to the port of Hvar

If you decide sailing towards Hvar town from the west direction; you will view it the instant you divert towards it, but you do not have to lower your sails, except the north-west or west a north wind or landward breeze is blowing while will take you to this town.


If the waves and winds are thrashing the prow, you are supposed to navigate against them from shore to shore, gradually approaching; Klement and Mala Garška and Vela, then Marinkovac, Ždrilca, and to finish at Hvar port. Here you will discover the true beauty of Hvar from the sea. The Arsenal, Cathedral with the Franciscan monastery, the Fortica, theatre, the waterfront beneath the Fabrika a place where the Venetian fleet at one time was anchored and hundreds of vessels at anchor. This port is considerably opened towards the west and south and is frequently quite coarse, but you can discover a somewhere to stay on Pakleni islands.

Sailing around Pakleni islands is also enjoyable. If you consider the shoal, you are likely to experience great enjoyment. It is advisable to go along and into the wind it, navigate along the current, pass Ždrilca, and then scrape via Jerolim, this will only take you a short time. Still, when the north-westerly wind (lebić) turn out to be strong this passage tends to froth up so attentiveness is necessary, although its inlets and islands are considered a safe refuge.

To Šćedro

The ideal period to sail from Pakleni islands toward Dubovica and Milna is the time when the periodic mistral is blowing. Hoist the spinnaker in the afternoon and then allow the crew set the vessel under control despite the fact that you are fizzing along the waves, the only question is how close you will approach the shore and whether you will stop at one of two great coves.

It is very difficult to approach the shore or to stop at coves especially when the typical mistral is blowing, unless in the small Milna known as Milna western cove. If the weather permits you can also stop at Dubovica.

Stay sailing alongside the inapproachable shore and sheer with relatively small beaches opened to the impact of the Scirocco as well as the mistral that can be reached either by boat or by foot and your subsequent destination is the islet of Šćedro.
This islet is typically unoccupied during winter but starts receiving guest after the initial rays of spring sunlight. During summer occupants of this islet normally increase the small number of shelter around the Vinogradišće cove and port of Lovišće whilst ever more sailors can be found around the more protected coves.

A port of Lovišće is the popular place for anchoring on the island. Yachtsmen normally visit this island annually. Like its master, neighboring cove, you should safeguard yourself from strong bora winds.

Alongside the southern shoreline of Hvar Island

Alongside the southern shoreline of Hvar Island towards Sućuraj, you should not stop before arriving to Sućuraj, except when the sea is calm during the summer. The coast is slightly inhospitable, with small beaches and many rocks curbed between them as well as a few deeply carved inlets. Along the way towards Sućuraj there exist smaller villages – Smarska and Torac and two-three inlets where you can find a place to anchor. However, Mrtinovnik, Smarska, and Kozja with their dual sides are dangerous coves to navigate through during the night except if you have a larger boat. Sućuraj, the far east village in the area of Hvar is safe.

Alongside the northern coastline of Hvar Island

To Jelsa, the coast vertically doing down into the sea, thus forming smaller beaches and coves. The most exciting cove is known as Pokrivenik, it is a wonderful place to bathe and anchor here. Sailing onwards in the direction of Jelsa, Vela stiniva as well as Mala stiniva.In the area around Papratna cove are the popular Jelsa coves – Mina, Crkvica, Grebišče, and Zenčište that are suitable for bathing but lacking an appropriate place to sail through the night. It is safeguarded by 3 break-waters which are pleasant and secure excluding during bora gales that blow from Biokovo this place.

Along the strong mistral route

Sailing towards Stari Grad you pass by 40 larger and smaller coves along the way.

In conclusion, Hvar sailing adventure is best Croatian marine trip. It attracts many Yachtsmen visitor to come and enjoy their life.

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