Most Amazing Islands on the Coast of Croatia

24 Jan 2019

Island hoppers and sailing enthusiasts will be licking their lips at the thought of Croatia; an Adriatic nation blessed with a lovely coastline spanning 1,200 islands and 2,000 kilometers. From bare karst-rock and leafy islands to isolated dots with a lighthouse and nothing much but the odd animal life, islands in Croatia are as rich in numbers as they are in diversity. If you are building up your sailing itinerary to conquer these waters, consider adding the following to your list.

1) Hvar

Old town Hvar

Old town Hvar

Hvar is one of the more famous ones availing sun-soaked shores that have proved a favorite with both the visitors and the locals. It is a nice combination of culture, heritage and history as the town is covered in the bright orange and white of ancient Roman architecture whilst it’s also home to a number of UNESCO listed World Heritage sites such as the wondrous plains of Stari Grad. Aside from being touted as one of the swankiest of the country’s hotspots, it also ranks among the largest land masses amassing plenty of sunshine totaling up to an impressive 2,724 hours.

2) Vis


Stiniva bay Vis

While Vis is peach of an island, the land mass itself is arguably not the center of attraction rather it is the turquoise cave of Biševo lingering in Aladdin-esque fashion off its coast. You can best savor the treasures of Vis by opting for a gulet charter Croatia and taking in the enticing views from atop an opulent luxury-cum-sailing vessel. Apart from an air of unadulterated paradise, you’ll also be privy to a number of beachy enclaves and the rudimental beauty of Komiza and Vis Town to the northeast of the island.

3) Rab



Little known Rab doesn’t feature too often in compilations across the interwebs yet it dazzles with incomparable tranquility which reverberates throughout its 22 km layout. Sandwiched by gorgeous ridges on either side, the island is sheltered from turbulent mountain winds and avails stunning beaches and an endearing rustic vibe that reels you into a world of utter serenity. Each summer, festivals dominate the calm atmosphere turning sleepy Rab into a feverish party location with round-the-clock fun.

4) Korčula

Main entrance in old medieval town Korcula-Croatia-Dalmatia

Main entrance in the old medieval town Korcula

Claimed by the Greeks so many decades ago, the island of Korčula is a conglomeration of obsidian forest cover. So amazed by the dark and dense forests that cling to the in-land, the early settlers christened the island “Korykra Melaina”, or, in other words, Black Korčula. Fast forward to the present age, and the island’s reputation has spread like bushfire not only because of those enthralling woodlands but also the winsome fishing villages residing across the winding shore and the lovely abundance of vineyards and hamlets responsible for a delicious white wine. The island is also a historical marvel providing an exclusive Marco Polo gallery- natives have said the talented sculptor was born here- and formidable medieval walls.

Four islands down, 1196 more to go. As you can see, a sailing adventure in Croatia is certainly not short on options and the same can also be said for what these destinations have to offer. So get yourself a boat and let the wind take you wherever it pleases because beautiful islands lie all around.

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