Quick Train Tips For Disabled People

30 Apr 2018

Train journeys are not perfect, but they are getting better than before every passing day. If you travel by train, you can find diverse things happening in the realm of Indian railways. There are plenty of features and facilities that are emerging so as to make the passengers comfortable and contented.

Whether you talk about Pnr status check, toll-free numbers, food facilities or any other thing; things are getting done for the betterment. Even if you are a person with a disability, you can make your train journeys more comfortable and better in the presence of some tips. Below are a couple of useful train travel tips for people with disabilities in India. This point will definitely go to help wheelchair users and people with other disabilities to use Indian Railways in the best possible manner. This information is really helpful if you are a disabled person and loves to travel quite often.

Before you walk through the points, it is important for you to know that traveling can be an intimidating task for many people with disabilities, mainly for the ones who are traveling for the first time. In nations like India, commuting is not actually a contented thing for everyone. In the huge metro cities, you might find a bit of development towards disabled-friendly infrastructure… but in the small cities, rural and distant areas, things are far from being suitable. Even if there are a few facilities available, people with disabilities are often unaware of them. Like you might not know that there is a coach for people with a disability available in most of the Indian trains.

If it is possible for you, then you should prefer to travel by train that terminates at the destination you are going to. Changing trains in between might be a hassle because you will have to get off a train, and after that, you have to catch another one. It can get really troublesome for you.Similarly, if you have to change trains there is no need to take the stoppage time of train for granted? If a timetable says that a train is going to stop for ten or fifteen minutes on the platform, it would be good if you don’t believe it.  At times, the trains depart quite earlier than the planned departure time. So, it is always better to get on a train well in time.

Don’t hesitate to take help. The cookies are mostly available right at the entrance of the train stations. They can help you in carrying your luggage to and from trains. They can even help you in pushing the wheelchair and make your way through the crowd. Coolies shall place your entire luggage at the seat and leave after making you comfortable at your train birth.  However, at times, a few of the cookies remain in hurry. Since that is the case, you need to keep reminding them that they need to help you in all the possible manners you need. These coolies do charge for their help so it would be good that you negotiate the amount well in time.

So, these points can help you travel in a much better and comfortable manner.

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