What Car? How to Pick Perfect Car for Your Vegas Trip!

23 Jan 2019

Everything is ready for your Vegas trip! But you still have doubts about what car is worth your attention. Of course, there are many different companies that offer to rent a car in different locations for the affordable prices. Go to the website and learn more and fast about all available rental car companies on your location, interesting car brands, types, and price policy. Are you still confused about the variety of car designs? Sure enough, each of these categories has ups and downs. Let’s try to learn how to pick a perfect car for your trip!

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Planning to explore just a city center, it is enough to walk on it from restaurant to restaurant, from casino to casino. If you want to go far, you are recommended to rent a car. Las Vegas climate can be very hot or very cold to have a pleasant walk far. Public transport cannot help you a lot. It often has no sense to take a taxi and overpay or catch a bus. One bus is not enough to take you to where you want. Only car can give you a freedom to move whenever you want. Also, it is important to admit that you should drive carefully, especially at a hot season in popular touristic places and around.

There is Must-to-Follow rule for tourists: don’t go to Stripe at a hot season if you want to get to anywhere in time.

Governor O'Malley attends chevy spark announcement



Economy Class Cars

When your budget is limited and you want to save some money, you’d better to pick a budget class car so that you will spend little. But don’t forget that the car size is not big and it is not very comfortable to travel in a company of more than 3 people. The most popular economy class car for rent is Chevrolet Spark. Check the price through your app.

Compact Class Cars

If you have a financial opportunity to spend more money for your car, you should pay attention to compact class vehicles. This type of a car is bigger in size and attractive in pricing. Of course, it is not so big but more comfortable. Are you ready to pay money for a comfortable driving? So, think about the car brand and color!

Medium Class Cars

Of course, the car size is not the only one reason to associate this vehicle with medium class. Picking this category, think of enough space for all passengers, modern interior, all useful options and not a cheap price. You will definitely like it! Medium class car is recommended for 4 passengers but they are not good for traveling with kids.

2010 Ford Fusion Sport


Full Size Cars

How about Ford Fusion or Nissan Altima? These vehicles and many others have gained a good reputation for traveling. They are large in size and smooth in driving. There is one more advantage – these cars are fuel economically. You don’t overpay!

Premium Size Cars

When you don’t think about your money and look for the comfortable trip, you should go to premium class. So, what do they offer here? You will get a large modern car with wide seats and a boot. There is enough space for your friends and family. Premium cars are popular to rent for a business trip or family vacation.

Lux Class Cars and Cabriolets

Do you like traveling in a stylish and lux class car? Open your mobile app and find out the price for the car of lux category. This type of car can be perfect for your family or big company. There is enough space for everyone and everything. Lux cars are good for business vacation when you want to impress your guests and partners. There is another lux cars category – cabriolets. The prices are not very much different but they are definitely not cheap. The variety of car brands, colors are not very big as people prefer cheaper cars for a vacation. Nevertheless, there is always something interesting to choose from.

Mercedes SLS cabriolet



Outlanders are perfect for a big family. There is enough space for your kids, parents and a dog. Also, outlanders differ in prices, size, color. The size of your car much depends on how many people you have in the group and a destination.


Vans are good for a trip of a big group of people. Remember about vans when you are planning a business excursion. You should rent vans when you have more than 5 people in the group. You can transport up to 9 people by mini-van and up to 15 people by van. What a comfortable car it is!

VIP Van? 2


So, you know everything about cars of different categories. Of course, facing the question what car to pick you should think of your budget and how many people you take with you. Mobile apps make a search for you in a couple of minutes. You will be impressed how much cars they have. There are more than 400 different vehicles from the world popular car vendors. Also, you can find many useful tips about which car is good according to your demands.

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