3 Types of Activities You Can Perform When You Charter A Yacht

12 Aug 2018

Are you planning for your next vacation trip? If yes, then you might have decided on a destination and started packing your bags. Before you board a plane and land on your next holiday destination, you must decide on which type of activities you will take part in once you reach your desired destination. Confused? Don’t worry you are at the right place because this article will tell you three types of activities you can perform on a yacht.

If you have the budget and want to make the most of it then, there is nothing better than booking a luxury yacht charter. You can perform a host of activities on a yacht making it worth the extra cost you have to pay when chartering a yacht. Here are three major types of activities you can perform on a yacht

On a Yacht

Although, most people would charter a yacht for relaxation but that does not mean that you could not have adventure filled activities on a yacht. If you have chartered a large yacht, it might also have a gym. You can throw in a cocktail party onboard or dance to your favorite songs. If you want to relax on a yacht, you can spend some time on a sun deck and take a sun bath while enjoying sea breeze.

Nothing is more soothing and relaxing than getting a massage on a yacht, as most yacht charter has onboard masseuse. You can also take advantage of sauna and take sauna bath for ultimate relaxation. Want to try something different? Get into the kitchen and learn how the cook prepare delicious food.

Talk to the crew onboard as they share their experiences with you. Enjoy a gourmet dinner with your loved ones with a comprehensive menu for tourists to choose from. Enjoy some refreshing drinks and soothing deserts. You can even catch fish and cook it fresh. If you are lucky enough, you might succeed in catching some substantial quantity to enjoy for a day or two. Make sure you take fishing equipment with you if you want to catch some fish in the middle of the sea.


If you are interested in exploring what under the sea, you can also do on a yacht rental Dubai. Depending on a yacht you have booked, you can take part in host of water activities. Most luxurious yachts are equipped with water toys while some even have fast tenders that are stylish to look at. There are jet skis, tubes and paddle boards to have some fun in the sea. Put on the snorkel and take a dip into the deep sea to see some marine life under the sea. If you are lucky enough, you will see some exclusive coral reefs that is only present in few locations in the world. Kids can also have some fun by grabbing a wakeboard, getting inside tube and sliding into the sea with their floaties on.


Dubai is home to many exotic, artificial islands. Yacht charter Dubai can help you see all of them in an island-hopping fiesta. You can ask the organizers to lay the anchor down and spend some time on any of these islands. Take a sun bath on the white sandy beach of the island or take a dip in crystal clear blue water.

Daredevils can also take a hike, indulge in off road adventures, dive off the cliff and explore unique caves. Tourists can also rent a bike and explore the island themselves. If you are on an island that is famous for shopping, you can shop around and come back to your yacht and continue your tour. Go on a guided tour to explore the island with a tourist guide who knows everything about the island.


Chartering a yacht does not mean that you have to spend all the time onboard and take part in handful activities. You can still explore new avenues such as sea and land and take part in activities on land and in the sea. Which type of activities do you prefer when you rent or charter a yacht? Feel free to share your opinion with us in the comments section below. We would love to hear your feedback.

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