4 Reasons Why Practising Yoga Should Be in Your Weekly Routine

15 Apr 2019


It won’t come to you within a few sessions, but over time yoga does help your body become much more flexible. With consistent practice, the stretches you execute during yoga tone your muscles and over time your body with train itself to gradually become stronger, more flexible and help with balance. When you begin to see these benefits, you will also notice that your ability to execute more elaborate yoga positions is better. Yoga is also recommended to improve the mobility of older adults and starting early is likely to help with your natural posture and reducing minor daily aches.



Enhanced Cardiovascular Health

For this to happen, yoga needs to be combined with an overall healthy lifestyle, but with the breathing techniques used during yoga, your cardio system will improve. It can help with reducing your blood pressure, reduce the likeliness of heart disease and improve your other exercise routines which are much more demanding on your heart and lungs.



Improves Mental Health

In recent years, mental health has become a talking point, and professionals want people to feel comfortable talking about their issues. Anxiety, stress and depression are all mental health problems that can really take their toll on your outlook on life, which is why professionals encourage exercise to help combat the symptoms. Yoga is ideal for anyone looking for a low impact form of exercise that promotes calmness and eases you mentally. Yoga is also known to target and lower your cortisol, which is known as the stress hormone.


Improves Your Mood

Naturally, if yoga is improving your mental health, it is also going to improve your daily mood. To go into the science further, yoga promotes the release of serotonin which is also known as the positivity or happy hormone. Studies also prove that practising yoga also heightens your GABA levels (gamma-Aminobutyric acid), which is directly responsible for the regulation of muscle tone and reducing neuronal excitability throughout the nervous system. All of this combined will give you a natural better outlook on life which comes back to the original benefit, it improves your mood.



Final Thoughts

There aren’t any negatives to consider if you are thinking about taking up this exercise. It does take time and patience to master, however, going to a weekly yoga session at the gym will help you get into the routine, and it’s a perfect way to start for any beginners. You just need a yoga matt, high waisted gym leggings and a comfortable top that helps with your maneuverability. Once you have learnt a fair amount in the sessions, you can begin to practice yoga at home and add a couple more hours your weekly routine.

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