5 Leading Principles You Need When Setting Up a Tattoo Business

17 Aug 2018

While some companies may come and go with foods and fashions, the industry of tattoo has proved thoroughly resilient through the centuries. However, keeping in mind that customer demand has been relatively constant for the past couple of millennia, it’s not hard to see why aspiring entrepreneurs or artists advance to show interest in starting their tattoo businesses.  

But starting a tattoo parlor isn’t just about having enough funding and showing a little creativity. There are some things you will need to do first.

Here is a quick guide to help you get started.

Gain Enough Experience

First, consider enrolling in a tattoo artist apprenticeship course. This program may take you 6 to 24 months to finish, and it can also be costly. You can gain the experience you’ll need to become a great tattoo artist, which can usually come in handy since you need to have enough experience in a hands-on application before you can set up your tattoo shop.

Further, you will also need those seminars and conventions so you can hone your skills on creating an excellent tattoo design.

Prepare Legal Permits

Head to the nearest local, municipal, or city health department and get information about tattoo business ordinances in your area. You have to know the laws relating to sanitation and tattooing, though it varies depending on your area.

Moreover, your governing divisions may also lead you to some proper agencies to collect more information when applying for any required licenses and permits.

Create a Business Plan

Designing a solid plan will give you goals to achieve at dedicated times. There’s nothing worse than getting into business without knowing where you want to go first.

A solid business plan on how you’ll start and control your tattoo shop will let you check your progress as your market grows. More so, a business plan is an essential tool if you want to secure some financial support to set up or run your business.

Purchase Needed Equipment

Acquire all the tattoo equipment you will need before starting. Although, you won’t have to purchase everything at once, and you don’t need to buy everything in brand new.

You can visit online or see some classified ads to look for used but proper equipment, except for needles. You’ll need tools such as new needles, tattoo gun, ink,  furniture for the lobby, transfers, and a cash register.

Location and Competition

You should take note that since there are government prohibitions about businesses such tattoo shops, you may need to settle your business in a site designed for industries such as yours which would mean meeting other tattoo shops and joining in hard competition with them to stand out.

Indeed, choosing a place for your tattoo shop can be daunting and may cost you a lot to find a perfect one. However, having the best location will inevitably generate you more projects and sales in the long run.

To Sum It up

If you’re considering a profession as a tattoo artist and setting up your shop, not only you’ll need to apply your artistic skills and abilities, but you’ll also need to consider and assess legal and business assumptions accurately. Thus, you can follow those steps mentioned above as a guide when you decide to start your tattoo shop.

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