6 Outstanding Tips To Choose The Most Comfortable Beach Chair

4 Jul 2018

Are you looking to buy a beach chair to relax your body? Beach chairs are comfortable and help you relax and beat the stress. However, there are many things to consider before buying a beach chair.

Beach chairs come in a wide range  such as low seat chairs, high seat chairs, small beach chairs and beach loungers. Beach lovers usually prefer folding chairs as they are foldable and light in weight but they are also large. This post explains the best tips to choose the best beach chair for you:

Portable chairs

best beach chairs

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Look for a chair that is portable so that you can quickly fold it, put it into your car and take it to the beach. However, it should not be too heavy or large. Folding chairs are portable and light in weight which makes them easy to carry wherever you want. If you want a portable beach chair, look for the ones that come with a carry bag and shoulder strap.

Quick dry chairs

best beach chairs

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Beach chairs usually get wet by the splashes of water coming from the ocean. Once your chair is soaked with a dash of water, it stays wet until you leave it to dry in the sun. But the modern chair design of these beach chairs  are quick dry chairs that dries quickly due to the fabric used in it. They are made up of quick-dry fabric which soaks the water and allows it to evaporate quickly in the air.

Multi-position chairs and Loungers

best beach chairs

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If you love to relax in lean back positions, then you should look for a multi-position beach chair or a lounger. A multi-position beach chairs is the best if you want to relax in multiple lean back positions while the loungers provide you with the comfort to lean back and put your feet up on it.

Mesh Chairs

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Mesh chairs are made up of the mesh-like material which allows the sand to pass through it. Ballistic nylon mesh is a durable fabric that is used for making the beach chairs.  Nylon mesh was first developed to use in the making of flak jackets due to its high strength and durability.

Back support chairs

best beach chairs

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People with back problems are never comfortable in the beach chairs as they don’t offer support to your back. Beach chairs with padded seats and roped chair backs are the best for people with back problems. Catamaran style chairs are an example of back support chairs.

Canopy Chairs

best beach chairs

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Beach chair also comes with sun protection. Usually, beach lovers face the skin tanning problems due to hours of exposure to the sun. Some beach chairs come with a small canopy that protects your upper body from exposure to the sun. Canopy chairs are suitable for everyone as you can choose the one that offers the maximum protection from the sun.

Final words

Beach chairs are the best to spend time on the beach and relax on the weekends. The points mentioned above explain the basic types of beach chairs available in the markets. However, there are other factors like the height, weight, fabric material, sitting positions and dimensions that you need to consider while choosing the best beach chair. In addition to this, you should consider the price of the chair and pick the one which offers you all the features at a fair price.

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