7 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

17 Sep 2018

Many entrepreneurs are incredibly successful and generate huge profits as a result of their efforts. However, other entrepreneurs unfortunately flop. They may lose a considerable amount of time, money and even professional respect in some instances when their endeavors fail.

Many entrepreneurs share common traits that may be essential for promoting their professional success. Before you branch out on your own with an entrepreneurial project, it makes sense to assess your personal attributes and traits to determine if you have what it takes to be successful. These are some of the more common traits that most entrepreneurs share

Takes Calculated Risks

A successful entrepreneur does not play it safe at all times. After all, the safe course is often to sit on the sidelines and let someone else take the chances. However, without taking some risks, an entrepreneur would not move forward with a great idea.

All entrepreneurs typically have at least a moderate risk-taking trait, but they do not make impulsive steps that have not been carefully reviewed. Successful entrepreneurs are individuals who take calculated and strategic risks. They understand the risks and the rewards, and they have reviewed the situation to determine if the risk is worthwhile and potentially beneficial.

Prepares for the Future Realistically

Entrepreneurs do not simply jump head first into an opportunity or walk down a path without knowing there the path leads. As part of their vetting process to determine if the risk is worth taking, they may thoroughly analyze the situation. This is commonly accomplished through the development of a business plan.

The business plan may also include a thoughtful plan for growth and strategic development. This plan is usually well-researched, and it may have step-by-step plans, contingency plans and more. In addition, there is usually an exit strategy in place. Entrepreneurs always know what their next step may be, and they actively work toward accomplishing their goals through thoughtful action items.

Stays Current with Technological Innovations

Technological innovations are rapidly being unveiled, and many of these innovations enable small businesses and startups to compete on a more level playing field with businesses that are larger or more well-established. While most business professionals today are moderately tech-savvy, successful entrepreneurs actively seek out information about new innovations and take advantage of its benefits.

In fact, they often are among the first professionals to take advantage of new technology that offers strategic benefits. For example, cloud technology has changed the way businesses manage, store and share files. 3D printing technology, on the other hand, allowed for production of product prototypes. Those who employed it first may have gained a strategic advantage.

Manages Money Well

Another common trait that successful entrepreneurs share is the ability to manage money well. This includes the management of assets as well as debts. Entrepreneurs must be able to operate their business within a budget while also maintaining a good business credit rating.

They must know how to use debt strategically without being burdened by heavy debt balances. In addition, they must have a forward-thinking approach so that their finances are sufficient to pursue growth opportunities at ideal times.

Has a Strong Internal Drive

Some individuals sit back on their laurels and do a minimal amount of work. Others actively seek new opportunities. They have a strong internal drive to stay active and head of the game. Personal motivation drives these individuals to push ahead when others may be ready to take a break.

Launching a startup and running a small business takes a considerable amount of energy and effort. A consistent internal drive to succeed is a critical component to this.

Maintains and Builds a Solid Professional Network

To succeed in business, you often must reach out to professional contacts and affiliates periodically for different purposes. For example, one of your contacts may be a successful mentor in an unrelated field. This may be an individual who provides you with guidance and advice as needed.

Other contacts may be in affiliated fields or niches, and you both may refer business to each other in a mutually-beneficial relationship. Rather than simply maintain a solid network, successful entrepreneurs are constantly seeking out to new contacts to add to their professional network.

Makes Regular Self-Improvement Efforts

Many successful entrepreneurs understand that there is always room to improve, and this extends to themselves personally and professionally. Self-improvement may include improving physical and mental health, professional knowledge and more.

Some entrepreneurs may listen to self-help tapes to improve their management style. Others may learn a foreign language in their free time. These are only a few examples of how entrepreneurs continuously improve their skills, knowledge and traits.

Final Word

Each of these traits plays an essential role in entrepreneurial success. If you do not have all of these traits, keep in mind that there is always room for improvement. You can begin by identifying your current weaknesses and by finding strategic ways to improve. Over time, you may develop a great list of traits that can position you for success as an entrepreneur.

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