A Simple Yet Powerful Concept For Your Business In France

14 May 2018

Is Europe the next destination on your mind? Confused which European country will be the best choice to expand your business? Let us help you with this.

Being the largest country in western Europe and the fifth economic power France can be the best choice. France is an important country in the European Union as well as the worldwide market. It has well-developed transport and Technology infrastructure plus a highly productive workforce. Without any doubts, France can be the best location for foreign direct investment.

As a business owner, you better know that just finalizing on a location and complying with the laws and regulations doesn’t suffice. You need to connect with the customers too. There should be some way for them to connect with you and vice-versa at nominal rates.

Welcome yourself to the world of Voice over internet protocol. This service will make your call travel with you over the internet. These services will drastically reduce the telecommunication cost while increasing productivity.  The recent innovation in this field is the Virtual Phone Numbers which comes with advanced features like call tracking, call recording, setting up call forwarding schedules and a lot more.

If measuring marketing campaigns, conversions and customer service are the services you are looking then virtual Phone Number is the best option.

With Virtual Phone number there is an excellent option for establishing a local presence in foreign markets. Reach a new customer base, test a new market before expanding, offer customers a local customer support number in France by using a Virtual number.

It also improves customer relationship by cutting down the cost incurred in long distance calling. Many times, a customer may find your business interesting but as you are established overseas they are reluctant to call you as these involve huge international telephone charges.

Do you know why people these days are driving more towards Virtual Phone numbers and ignoring traditional Telephone System? The main reason is the stunning features that virtual numbers bring with them. And the best part about this is you pay only for the services you want for your business.

Customer services are enhanced as they are no more unanswered calls and no more busy signals. There is always someone who will answer their question and queries.

When you are starting a new business in some foreign country a lot of money is needed because everything has to be done from scratch. However, if you are using a France Virtual Phone Number you can get Five such numbers when compared to the cost of setting up a traditional landline. A significant amount of money saved for sure.

Benefit your Business with your France Virtual Phone Number

Sets up a small call center

Own your own full-fledged small call center in France just by paying a monthly subscription fee which is definitely not possible in a traditional call center.

Call Recording and Analytics

Businesses can record all the calls for future review and analysis.

Zero Investment

Virtual Phone Numbers don’t require any hardware or software requirements so a lot of costs can be saved which is then wasted on initial investments.


You can start the services with 1-2 users initially and then increase and decrease it based on business needs.

A Small Feature that will help you go a long way….

It doesn’t matter if you are a startup company or an existing business or a sole trader, France Virtual Number will solve all your telecommunications issues. What’s more compelling number about these numbers is the crystal-clear voice -quality that cannot be expected from a traditional number while travelling abroad. Sites like Magazine Mantra will be a good guide to your travel goals.

Don’t think much and get virtual numbers-A simple yet powerful concept for your business in France and help it go that extra mile. Business with small teams or the one with multiple locations can add a new level of flexibility and mobility which is otherwise not possible through legacy solutions.

There are many service providers who can get your virtual phone numbers online. But if you are looking for exceptional services with some superb features at the most reasonable price then you should definitely visit CallHippo. They come with some amazing features which can help your business nourish and flourish and reach out to as many people as possible in France.

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