Always Remember, Safety First: 5 Ways To Prevent The Most Common Yoga Injuries

16 May 2018

 Just like any form of exercises, it is of the utmost importance to practice different warm-up exercises before doing the real thing. It does not only warm your body up, but it loosens up any tightness in your lower back, limbs, and neck. And, yoga is no exception.

Yoga exercises can cause injuries too, even though it brings us body relief and mental freedom.  But worry not, there are always solutions to every problem, and there are ways to prevent these injuries from occurring.

To know more, read the list below and stay injury-free.

Wrist Injuries

Some yoga poses demands the help of your wrists. As such, you tend to put much pressure on your wrists when your hands are on the yoga mat which may lead to muscle and joint injuries.

To avoid such complications, when you are on your wrists, study your body alignment. Try to balance your weight on both hands by stretching them out widely. Press the knuckles of the thumb and the forefinger, and the tips of your fingers. When done correctly, it can help you relieve the pressure that triggers wrist pain.

Utilize Props for More Support

Stuff like straps, blankets, yoga blocks, or even a chair can certainly be useful, most especially for beginners, or those people who are recuperating from injuries. To help you out in yoga poses such as hip flexor openers or pigeon, make use of a rolled up blanket below your hips.

If you cannot reach the ground in any side bend, forward bend, or twist, place some pieces of blocks to take the yoga mat closer. As such, you can lessen the pressure on your lower body as you twist and bend.

Furthermore, straps come in handy when you stretch your legs while lying on your back. Just keep in mind to not pull the strap too quickly or too tightly. You can shop for yoga straps in any online store like Deal Wiki.

Knee Injuries

Always Remember, Safety First: 5 Ways To Prevent The Most Common Yoga Injuries

Knee problems can cause trouble or distress even to seasoned yoga enthusiasts. One of the common yoga pose that can cause this pain is the cross-legged position. Know that flexibility starts with the hips, so if your hips are tight, your knees will be the first one to feel the tension or pain.

To avoid this from happening, refrain from doing the full lotus or Sukhasana position for too long unless your hips are flexible enough. When practicing a cross-legged pose, place a rolled-up blanket or a block below your knees. It can help minimize the strain.

Take Air in and Let it Out

Although we usually breathe, it is very important to breathe deeply and thoroughly when it comes to yoga practices. If you breathe shortly and sharply, it can stimulate hyperarousal, or the acute stress response, leaving you to feel tensed and stressed.

And when you get stressed, you will most likely make poor choices during your yoga practice. As a result, you are making yourself wide open and vulnerable to hurting and harming yourself.

Just take a look at some seasoned yoga practitioners, they make yoga look easy, painless, and appealing. Why? It is because they are completely and deeply akin to their breath. As such, be sure to breathe deeply, if not, take a time out or perform a child’s pose.

Stretch Tight Areas Lightly and Mildly

Always Remember, Safety First: 5 Ways To Prevent The Most Common Yoga Injuries

Before doing intense yoga positions, you must, and you should always do some stretching gently, carefully, and slowly. Go slowly and take your time easing tight areas, like the calves, hips, and hamstring.

Warm your body first before doing any strenuous practice and poses. Try doing the full body dynamic stretching because it helps loosen and alleviate tight muscles that might be susceptible to pain and injuries.

Do not worry if you may feel any mild to average resistance while bending or stretching. However, stay mindful not to go over your limits. If you over-stretch, it can only aggravate prevailing injuries and can cause to pulls, tears, and other intricate pains.


Just like any other form of fitness exercise, yoga practices can cause you to have minor to major injuries. Luckily, there are ways for which you can prevent these injuries from happening. Read the above list to get informed.

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