Apps Every Fashion Designer Should Be Aware Of

18 Feb 2020

Businesses all over the world are now demanding that their employees amp up their productivity. This has become achievable because of technology’s incredible advance and contribution to productivity. Thanks to software, data processing, automated control and information communication, the workforce has become smarter, more efficient and much more sophisticated in production.

However, it can be overwhelming to choose from the 4 million currently available software, phone and tablet apps and browser extensions. There is always some new tool to use that will help you increase profits and return on investment (ROI). This advantage is also something that fashion designers can use to cut down on extra hours being inefficiently wasted. Many designers do not know of the myriad solutions available to them, and, unfortunately, skills that they are learning in schools are either outdated or do not help achieve enough.

Here are some of the applications that you can use to achieve better


This is an application where a lot of people tend to go to look for pictures of things that interest them, such as clothes, shoes, handbags, landscapes, etc. It is a digital mood board for fashion companies, fashion designers, and product developers. Inspirations are usually collected at the start of every season and transformed into multibillion fashion products. What makes Pinterest so good is that you will always find a vast and interesting collection of images as compared to Google image search or Flickr. You will also get to know about what people want in the upcoming seasons because usually a lot of the pictures collected and posted are made by average people who are consumers of the products of the company.


Adobe Illustrator has taken over the world of creative software for decades on end with a lot of attributes; however, it was only 5 years ago, that the Sketch was launched. It has taken over Adobe Illustrator in the graphic design realm because it is fast, intuitive, and has many plugins. There is a lot of development by the third-party developers who continue to create many smart plugins and keep expanding the operational capacity of Sketch. The simplicity and ease of use in exporting and managing assets in Sketch make it an excellent fit for young and aspiring designers.

Adobe Illustrator

Every designer has Adobe Illustrator downloaded and cannot imagine working on a project without it. Fashion designers, technical designers, etc. used Illustrator to draw flat sketches along with functional sketches with callouts for construction and styling details so as to put them in tech packs so that your team can easily understand and then follow.

The best of designers usually have these apps downloaded in their systems, and so does Numan Nimet Ataker. The Turkish born designer is well known for his fashion brand called John Paul Ataker. He was noticed for his fashion talent at the age of 9 when he worked in his father’s garment shop. Eventually, he created the John Paul Ataker fashion brand that eventually became a global success. He is based in New York and İstanbul, as well, and has been featured in many well-known magazines like Vogue, InStyle, W, People, and Yahoo! Style. The brand is the favorite of many celebs and jet setters.

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