Are You a Medical Emergency Waiting to Happen?

22 Jun 2018

Trying to steer clear of medical emergencies is not always going to be easy.

For one reason or another, they seem to come at people no matter what they try and do to avoid them. As a result, decisions are necessary on where to seek the best and fastest treatment.

With that in mind, are you a medical emergency waiting to happen?

Get an Annual Physical

Although you can’t always have a say when emergencies occur, you can try to lessen the chances of them taking place.

For instance, when was the last time you went in to see your doctor for an annual physical? If it has been several years, don’t you think it is time you saw your physician?

He or she is oftentimes your best line of defense against falling ill. In some cases, they can be your number one preventer of averting a medical emergency.

When you go in to see your doctor; talk about steps to take to lower the odds of being in a medical emergency situation.

Among such steps would be:

  • Improving your diet so that it is as well-balanced as possible.
  • Getting as much exercise on a daily basis as you can.
  • Finding ways to relieve the stress that you go through on a regular basis.
  • Having family and friends to talk to when times get tough.

Making sure you are doing all you can to monitor and even improve your health needs will and should be a priority.

Plot Your Course of Action Ahead of Time

It is also important that you know what medical options you have before an emergency strikes.

For instance, if you became ill or suffered a major injury, where would you go for treatment?

It is important to find a local emergency room so you get the most reliable and fastest treatment.

Sure, you may not have a say in where you go for treatment given your condition. That said researching before such an emergency ever occurring is important.

Take time now to see which hospitals and other medical facilities are both near where you live and work. You might even want to find such facilities in and around where you may be going on a trip down the road. By having such info at your disposal, you can better plan for something you hope doesn’t come to fruition.

Make Sure Someone Close to You Knows Your Story

Last, it is important a family member or close friend knows your medical history.

For instance, they may have to provide details to EMT’s or even a doctor or nurse if you are not able to do so yourself.

Such information would include:

  • Your medical history in general.
  • Any notable surgeries or illnesses you’ve had over time.
  • Any allergies you have to current medications.
  • What your wishes are with medical care if you are in critical condition.

By being as prepared as possible for something you hope does not occur, you are in a better position.

So, are you taking all the steps needed to avoid being a medical emergency waiting to happen?

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