Become an Expert in the Oil and Gas Industry Using the Latest Technologies

19 Jun 2018
Oil and Gas

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The energy and utilities service industry encounters different business and operational complexities. Most oil and gas organizations all over the world are facing hardships because of the growing commodity prices, intense competition for the reserves, unequal demand and of course the need for new technology. The main challenge simply put, is to decide what is core the operations and what’s not.

Custom software development helps organizations overcome the challenge through developing specific and efficient solutions. Tailored solutions have empowered a lot of downstream users of the industry. Software service providers offer custom software solutions that help oil and gas companies to actualize their different business benefits, such as low downtime, high fault tolerance and more. Tailored software solutions could also deliver ecological benefits, such as less consumption of energy and CO2 emissions reduction.


Complete overview of the oil and gas industry, beginning from the origin, methods of exploration and production processes.


  • Understand fundamental characteristics of oil and gas
  • Recognize how oil and gas were formed
  • Appreciate the history and determine the key players in the industry
  • Realize the major steps involved in drilling an oil or gas well
  • Determine the major methods used for oil and gas exploration
  • Comprehend major techniques used in maximizing oil recovery
  • Grasp fundamentals of production and platform processing
  • Understand the relevance of decommissioning
  • Identify details on transporting, storing and refining crude oil
  • Have insight to working offshore


  • Intermediate level of English
  • Passion for learning


Oil and gas supports the very fabric of modern, switched-on, connected society and has become central to people’s way of life. From the fuel for a cart, to electricity, plastics and petrochemicals, oil and gas as energy source plays a key role in the current energy mix. This course is great for those new to the industry or wondered how it all works.

The course helps learners to be familiar with the different phases of the oil and gas value chain, upstream, midstream as well as downstream. It helps to recognize the major industry players and comprehend the lifecycle of an oil and gas field from geology and seismic surveys, to drilling production and engineering, all the way through to decommissioning.

The course is designed to add value to learning via delivering an overall picture of how the remarkable industry works with technical and commercial know-how. With a contemporary approach to learning, the course ensures accurate and updated knowledge of the industry, wherever the location in the world may be.


The course consists of ten modules. Each and every module is divided into a series of short videos that are designed to optimize the learning experience. The ten modules include:

  1. Oil and gas characteristics
  2. History and structure of modern oil and gas industry
  3. Oil and gas formulation
  4. Exploration—finding oil and gas
  5. Drilling operations
  6. Production and platform processing
  7. Recovery maximization
  8. Transport, storage and refining
  9. Decommissioning
  10. Working offshore


The modules contain a detailed presentation, along with an audio lecture, which takes around an hour to complete. Every module is broken down into major topics that are presented with slide annotations. This ascertains that the material is easy to digest, boosting the learning experience.


The course is an ideal preparation for newcomers to the industry or anyone who wonder how the sector works. Nonetheless, anyone who works in the industry will benefit since the course offers a more comprehensive and wider overview of the industry than could be obtained usually from on-the-job learning. Today more than ever is the time to take the course. The oil and gas industry is facing some challenges and those working in the field as well as members of the public should have a better understanding of the complexities of this space.


There are no academic qualifications, experience pre-requisites or skills to take the course.

It is designed to provide a newcomer to the industry the opportunity to explore the oil and gas industry, from the formation of hydrocarbons to installations decommissioning.

Custom software programming provides software solutions that specifically cater and are centered to the oil and gas industry. The solutions help boost the business and streamline processes in adherence to the need of the hour to go green.

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