Becoming a Better Singer – What You Need to Do

30 May 2019

Learning to sing is not something that everyone is good at. Few are born with the gift of singing, and even fewer are able to hone their skills and become better at this. Adrianne White is a multi-talented individual who is not only a prolific singer, but also a model. She has worked with Victoria’s Secret, and is famous for the many campaigns that she has worked on for them. If you want to become a better singer, there are many things you should focus on earnestly. Here are a few.

  1. Relax and review your position

Many of us go through stages of tension or anxiety, and it is common to save some muscle tension in our body. Even during sleep, we adopt uncomfortable postures that affect our bodies during the day. The cell phone or mobile is also a cause of bad postures. We spend hours during the day watching our screens without realizing the strange ways that our necks adapt to be able to read the content. It is therefore important to take a few minutes of the day relaxing the muscles and reviewing our postures. There are many methods that are frequently used in neck or back relaxation therapies that will help you greatly in projecting your voice loudly. Even if you are sitting, you can sing with the same power as if you were standing.

Many vocalists record professionally while seated, since they can spend hours in the recording studios. For that reason, it is essential to correct your position whether sitting or standing. To begin, you must stand with your back straight, trying to relax and slightly bend your knees without losing your balance. In addition, your shoulders should be aligned with the center of your body and neck in a neutral position, almost like imagining that an invisible “thread” hangs from the sky and suspends the center of your head gently.

These postures should be reviewed regularly, because if you spend a lot of time sitting, you will also put your health at risk.

  1. Hydrate well before singing

Imagine a car running without oil or water, surely it will not get far. The engine will overheat. The same happens with your voice, which is why it is recommended to have water at room temperature at hand. Actually, you could drink cold water but not during singing, since your vocal cords and larynx are hot and the shock of the change of temperature can cause considerable damage. It is for that reason also that many vocalists wear scarves or shirts with their neck covered as it keeps the larynx hot.

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