Best Places to Visit in Thailand – Make the Most of Your Thai Vacation

23 Jul 2018

As a jewel of Southeast Asia, Thailand is one of the most beautiful Asian countries. In this fantastic country choosing the best tourist destinations can be a daunting job especially if you have a short time in the country. There are over hundreds of tourist destinations in Thailand so exploring all of them in a one week will be impossible for anyone. So, you have to shortlist your choices. Continue reading to know about the top 3 best tourist spots in Thailand that you should explore during your Thai escape.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is referred to the northern capital of Thailand. However, the city has completely different vibes than Bangkok. Chiang Mai is also probably the best hill station in the entire Southeast Asian region. Here, you are going to enjoy the fantastic hilltop views, greenery, and several tourist activities. Here are some key reasons for which you must visit Chiang Mai:

  1. To explore the northern Thai culture
  2. The city holds many temples
  3. The city offers excellent outdoor activities for tourists
  4. You can also visit the town to try authentic Thai coffee in local Cafes


Railay is not a typical island, but you will feel like one. The entire place is surrounded by mountains and the only way to visit there is by boats. The area is also popular as one of the best rock climbing destinations in Southeast Asia. In Railay, you will get the opportunity to enjoy sandy beaches, blue water, and incredible natural beauty. Some of the main reasons for visiting Railay are as follows:

  1. Astonishing scenery
  2. White-sand beaches
  3. Rock climbing
  4. Small and hidden coves


Pai is renowned as the best Thai village where you can expect to see the green landscape. The entire area of Pai is surrounded by hills. During your escape in Pai, you will get fresh air, clean scenery, and the opportunity to explore different Thai lifestyles. A few years ago Pai was mainly popular for backpackers. But now, even leisure tourists are planning for spending a few days in Pai. However, if you have few days in hand for your entire Thai trip, then we won’t recommend you to spend your night here. In that case, you can rent a motorbike from Chiang Mai and opt for a beautiful drive to Pai. Some of the key reasons for visiting Pai are as follows:

  1. Complete relaxation
  2. Fresh air
  3. Beautiful waterfalls
  4. Tourist-friendly culture
  5. To experience backpacker’s nightlife

So, these are some of the most beautiful places in Thailand where you must visit to make the most of your Thai vacation. Thailand, the Land of Smiles is also known for its rich tattoo culture. So, if you are a tattoo enthusiast, then you can also consider getting an iconic body art from the best tattoo shop in Pattaya, Thailand. It will not only help you to get inked with an authentic Thai tattoo but also make your Thai trip memorable forever.

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