CircleCare – An App To Keep You Motivated

18 Jul 2018

With so many health and wellness tracker apps out there now, it can be really challenging to find one that will really motivate you to stay healthy. I just discovered this amazing App called CircleCare, which can be a great mHealth tool to motivate you and your entire family to stay healthy. CircleCare is a health and wellness App with a lot of amazing features to keep the whole family connected and close to each other.

I was looking for an App that I can use to keep an eye on my mom’s health and keep her motivated to manage her blood glucose. I found this App, CircleCare App that comes with a lots of useful features that many people who are caring for others, would appreciate –

Step Counter – CircleCare keeps track of your steps via your phone sensor or popular smart fitness devices like Fitbit, Garmin etc. The steps data then displayed on a private circle leaderboard to inspire your friends and family to be more active throughout the day.

Wellness Tracker – Keep a log of your and family members vitals like blood pressure and blood sugar. Let the whole family keep an eye on each other health. It can also be helpful to understand how different diet and exercises affect your vitals.

Medication Reminder – I found this feature more useful as it reminds my mom to take her meds on time and I can now check on my mom through the App and get the peace of mind by knowing that she is taking her meds on time.

Send Kudos – CircleCare offers customized badges for every family or professional events and occasions that can be used to motivate and inspire a healthy lifestyle. For example, you can show appreciation for your partner by sending her a “Best Husband Ever” or inspire your kid’s creative talent with a “Creative Artist” badge.

Curated content – Since nowadays social media is full of hoax and content that can’t be trusted, you can never really rely on them. But with CircleCare, they provide carefully curated wide range of content like articles, images, and videos to enrich your knowledge base.

For people with chronic disease and their family, this App is a must download. This will help people with Diabetes or hypertension to keep a log of their vitals, physical activity & medications. On the other hand, the family members will be able to keep an eye on their health condition and get the peace of mind as well.

Support network – Having a support network of family members is really important for living a healthy life with chronic disease. It is more likely to become more and more difficult for a person with the chronic disease to take care of themselves. By keeping that in mind, CircleCare – can be a great family support platform. In CircleCare you can create a private support network for your loved ones while motivating and inspiring them in life. Remind them to take their medication on time. Keep an eye on their blood pressure and blood sugar readings. Overall you can motivate and inspire them to follow their medical regiment.

CircleCare Also addresses the issue of privacy very well with its private social networking feature. Basically, the issue I was facing with Facebook was, I have a wide mix of (300+) friends that I am connected with, both from my personal and professional life. There are even some people that I don’t know personally and got acquainted with them online. So like most of us, sharing personal family moments on Facebook was not really an option for me!

After trying CircleCare, I can say that it has largely fulfilled my requirements of sharing my personal family moments with my loved ones. Now I can share anything with my family and close friends in my private circle without worrying about the whole world seeing it. With CircleCare I also got an added benefit of keeping track of my grandparent’s health conditions, who lives in another city away from me.

CircleCare is not only a health App, it’s a tool for motivating the people around you. So, go ahead and give it a try! It’s available in Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

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