Common Mistakes During Garage Sale

21 Jun 2017

Unfortunately, we may make plenty of mistakes during the garage sale. One of the most overlooked things is the security factor. We should be aware that many people come into our property and they will become closer to items and assets that we don’t plan to sell. We should limit access to prevent people from entering our personal space inside the house. Pets may also cause commotion during the garage sale, so we need to handle them properly. Some families lost money during garage sales and this could happen when they don’t put the money on the proper places. We should make sure that money is placed in the most secure place, while allowing us to move around better. In any case, we should avoid leaving the garage or yard sale unattended. If we need to take a quick lunch in the garage sale area, then we should do it. If we need to go to the bathroom, then we should make sure that there’s a reliable family member who can take care of the transactions. Some families make mistakes by fully trusting their neighbors while they go to the kitchen to get a glass of water, then something unexpected happen. One common mistake is that we don’t implement the cash and carry policy. Some buyers may ask for discounts on big items; because they need to haul it away. They could also ask us to provide free delivery. In this case, we need to tell people upfront, that it will be a strictly cash and carry garage sale.

Another thing that many families tend to overlook is that they can often sell cheap items easily. One dollar here, a couple dollars there, five dollars over there, they can generate more money this way. It means that we shouldn’t ignore cheap and small stuff in our closet. Small kids could be interested in small action figures and we can sell them at low prices. Another that we shouldn’t forget to add in the flyer is that all items are sold “as is”. It means that buyers should check the item carefully and there will be no refund when it has been bought. Many families need to spend more money due to refunds and it’s because they don’t implement the “as is” policy. In any garage sale, cash is king and we shouldn’t accept any check. It is possible that we will waste time during garage sale if our items are not fully tagged. This will allow potential buyers to know about the price of each item. They won’t be reluctant to ask us continuously and the buying decision-making process can be made much more quickly. Unfortunately, some families don’t implement the proper quality control process. It means that some bad things can be sold, which will cause some problems later on. As an example, a motorcycle helmet could have hidden cracks or an electronic item have damaged power cords. Everything should be checked to make sure that each item works properly.

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