Creating Home Paradise To Fight Off Harsh Summer

25 Jun 2019

Summers tend to be really harsh in certain regions across the globe. On the other hand, summertime is vacation time, so you really need to find a way to make it bearable. The main element that can help you do that is, of course, water. If you are spending your vacation time at home, you need to come up with ways to make it your own paradise.

How is this related to water? The answers are many: showers, sprinklers, pools, etc. What summer also means is a lot more people coming to your home, which leads to washing the dishes and clothes, flushing the toilet, and cleaning your car more often.

In other words, in order to make your home both bearable and enjoyable, you need to think about the plumbing.

Maintain water pressure

Considering that activities such as showering and washing significantly increase during summertime, it is very important that you think about proper water pressure. If you don’t have one yet, purchase a gauge that you can use to measure the pressure in your home. What you should most commonly expect is 40-45 pounds per square inch. More than 60 means trouble.

If you want to do this by yourself, without calling a plumbing service, make sure that you’ve got someone helping you. Someone has to be at the spigot in order to test it while you regulate the pressure. Remember, if it is too high, you may end up damaging your water appliances.

Watch your washing machine

As we have already mentioned, during summertime, the washing machine most often gets used a lot more. This is particularly the case if you have children who are on their summer vacation. Their clothes are bound to get dirty a lot more often, so the machine is going to be under more pressure than usual.

This generally means that it is the best idea to be at home while the washing machine is doing its job. This way, if anything happens, you can turn it off right away and call for help if you need it. Furthermore, make sure that the machine isn’t too close to the wall, because you don’t want the hose to end up twisted and develop weak points that are bound to be an issue sooner or later.

Avoid clogged shower drains

If you, for example, live in Australia, you should be well aware of how hot the summers are getting lately. So, if you have the luxury to go to a nearby beach, it’s certainly going to be an everyday plan for you and your family. However, you need to be careful about your shower drain. With every trip to the beach, you’ll probably bring back sand, pebbles, and shells. If you don’t get rid of these beforehand, they will fall into the shower drain and eventually clog it.

The best solution is to take a shower every time you are leaving the beach. Then, when you arrive home, take your bathing suit off before showering. Still, check the drain regularly to make sure that nothing is trapped there, such as strains of hair. If it gets clogged, professionals, such as those at Canberra Plumbing and Drains, suggest getting some help instead of fixing the problem on your own.

Set up the sump pump

Summer may be hot as hell, but it is also prone to bring heavy storms along. This is why you need to set up a sump pump and test it regularly. Turn it on and pour a bucket of water inside. The pump should start to process the water. This is a simple way to know that it’s working well.

A lot of people don’t think they need a sump pump because they live in an area that isn’t really known for floods. This can be a mistake, because you never know what might happen. If a part of your home is beneath the ground level, a sump pump may truly be necessary. This way, if something does happen, your basement won’t be an issue.

In summation

When summertime comes knocking, making your home into a paradise becomes essential. Because, otherwise, it may turn into a living hell, with a lot of plumbing issues that need to be taken care of. So, don’t let such issues ruin your summer vacation. This is the time to have fun, and the last thing that you want is your plumbing to go haywire.

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