Culinary Delight: 7 Excellent Spots to Dine in Washington DC

4 Jan 2019

When traveling through the capital of the United States, each time you can dine in a new place. Washington’s numerous restaurants offer local and international cuisine. In addition to traditional establishments, the city has a very large selection of elite restaurants, following the French, Italian, Belgian, Mediterranean, and Chinese culinary traditions, as well as serving fusion-style dishes.

Many chefs of the best restaurants in Washington are representatives of Europe, and in their work they combine the classic culinary traditions with the American desire for novelty and unusual solutions. So, we will help you to navigate on the gastronomic map of Washington, thus making the choice of a restaurant to suit your taste and budget easy…

Chop’t Creative Salad Co

Chop’t Creative Salad Co is a popular American establishment in Washington, where you can choose different delicacies presented with sandwiches and salads accompanied with various sauces. The restaurant offers both a classic menu and a menu to choose from.

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The classic menu includes such dishes as Mexican Caesar salad, grilled chicken roll, chicken kebab and others. The menu of choice allows you to create a salad from various ingredients: vegetables, meat, shrimps, corn, carrots, beans, sauces – this is not a complete list of products.

The price of the salad depends on the amount of selected ingredients. However, the portions in Chop’t Creative Salad Co are very large, so one serving may well be enough for two persons.

Address: 730 7th Street Northwest, Washington, DC


RedRocks Firebrick

In the US, pizzerias are very popular among locals and travelers. If you are a pizza lover, then you should visit RedRocks Firebrick – this is the most famous Washington’s pizzeria.

rosso pomodoro pizza

In this small, but very cozy restaurant you will be offered a choice of different varieties of pizza, calzone, seasonings, sauces, salads and delicious desserts. Also, there’s a wide range of beers, cocktails and wines.

Pizzeria located in the north of the city. You can get there by subway – Columbia Heights and Georgia Ave Petworth stations, or by using Enterprise DCA Airport car rental service.

Address: 1036 Park Rd, NW, Washington, DC


Acqua Al 2

Acqua al 2 is a charming and cozy Italian restaurant in Washington, which is suitable for both gourmets and those who prefer vegetarian food. Visitors will love various meat steaks, pasta, salads, cheeses, cheesecakes, desserts and wines.

In addition to the main menu, the restaurant can offer a tasting menu of three salads, five different pastes, three steaks and four desserts. Also, the restaurant features a bar and an outdoor patio.

Blueberry Filet

The establishment is located on Capitol Hill, in the eastern part of the city. You can get here by subway – Eastern Market station or by your own transport. Fortunately, parking lots are available near the building.

It’s recommended to order eggplants baked in tomato sauce with parmesan, filet mignon with balsamic sauce.

Address: 212 7th Street Southeast, Washington, DC


Black Salt

Numerous US restaurants will delight their visitors with a variety of national dishes. If you are a fan of American cuisine, then set off to Black Salt – this is one of the best American restaurants in Washington, whose varied menu consists mainly of seafood.

Crab Claws and Sweet Corn

The original and cozy restaurant with a beautiful interior is ideal for both family holidays and business meetings. The service is prompt and polite, the food is of excellent quality, the prices are moderate, and menu has a wide range of wines.

The atmosphere is very cozy and relaxing – there’s always live music and a variety of parties. The fish market is also located there, so you can buy fresh fish and seafood in case you need. Black Salt is located in the Palisades area, and the easiest way to get there is by rental car or taxi.

Address: 883 MacArthur Blvd, Washington, DC


Blue Duck Tavern

US restaurants mostly specialize in American cuisine and Blue Duck Tavern is not an exception. The establishment is one of the best restaurants in Washington, where you can expect a high level of service, a cozy and homely atmosphere along with exquisite dishes.

DC People and Places 9834

The interior of the restaurant is also impressive: the wood-lined walls, handmade wooden furnishing and even the appliances are made of wood. The most popular place in the restaurant is the tables, which are located in the hall with kitchen. In addition to the indoor area, the restaurant has an open terrace.

Blue Duck Tavern is located in the northwest of the city. The restaurant’s favorites are apple pie, crab cakes, stewed beef and a smoked suckling pig.

Address: 24 & M Streets, NW, Washington, DC



Restaurants in the USA will please numerous visitors of the country not only with American dishes, but also with dishes of the most diverse cuisines of the world.

Zaytinya is a popular Mediterranean restaurant in Washington, which is the ideal place to enjoy a variety of Greek and Lebanese dishes.


The service is fast and the food is excellent and not expensive. Visitors will appreciate the great variety of snacks, original desserts, as well as the restaurant’s bar, where you can taste various cocktails and excellent wines from Greece, Lebanon, Turkey and Israel.

Since it’s always crowded, we advise to reserve a table in advance. In case you don’t know what to try, then order shrimps in sour sauce.

Address: 701 9th Street НВ, Washington, DC


Thai X-ing

Some US restaurants can impress visitors with Asian cuisine. If you like Thai food, then Thai X-ing is just what you need. This small restaurant in Washington on different days of the week will offer you different dishes.

noodles at thai x-ing.

(photo by accentedcolours)

On Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays you can enjoy meat and vegetable dishes, as well as seafood. On Tuesday, vegetable and fish dishes are available, and on Sunday you will find in the menu exclusively vegetarian food.

The establishment is located in the northeast of the city, a few blocks away from Shaw-Howard University metro station.

Address: 515 Florida Ave, NW Washington, DC





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