Does Your Business Need a Customized Mobile App

5 Dec 2018

Can you think of any major brand that doesn’t have a mobile app?

Think of your favorite fashion store. Think of where you buy your furniture from. Think of the major grocery store you shop from. Think of your bank, your restaurant. It’s funny even your GP and dentist seem to have an app. Do you think your business is too small or too different to have an app?

Think again!

Mobile apps are not just a hype. They have changed the way we perform our everyday tasks. They have become a part of our lifestyle. For businesses, it means an app is not a choice; it is just as important as having a website.


However, before you hire a mobile app developer Orlando to build you an app, it is important to make sure you know why you need an app. Here are a few questions you should answer to find out if your business needs a customized mobile app or not.

Are Your Competitors Already There?

Competition is one of the biggest motivation behind such investments. If you know who your competitors are and if you know they have an app, that’s a solid reason to get one for your business as well.

Statistically speaking, there is a high chance that your competitors are already on the bandwagon. A recent survey reveals that nearly 60 percent of small businesses already have an app. It is regardless of which niche or industry they belong to. A great number of businesses showed their interest in investing in a business app soon enough.

So, even if you don’t see your biggest competitor there, there can be a lot of advantages in becoming the lead.

Are Your Customers Already There?

This one may seem tougher than the first one. It sounds easy to see what your competitors are doing than to keep an eye on customers.

However, if there is anything to learn from the current stats, we know that your customers are definitely there. Mobile apps account for nearly 89 percent of a user’s mobile time, only 11 percent of it is one websites. And why not? Apps are easy to use, engaging, and interesting. More importantly, apps can be used offline as well.

Now, we don’t even need to go into how much time people spend on their phones. If apps are what’s keeping them engaged, you definitely need one for your business.

Are You Happy with Your Mobile Site Revenue?

It is no surprise that mobile ecommerce is surpassing web ecommerce. According to recent stats, mobile apps convert 43 percent more users than desktop sites and 160 percent more than mobile browsers. If you aren’t happy with your mobile site revenue, it may be because your users don’t find your site much useful or engaging.

Even with responsive websites, there are many issues that can hurt your revenue. Even a second of delay can bring the conversion down, and delays aren’t unusual for websites. Apps are usually immune to such issues. The experience is smooth and seamless, and so is the user’s journey through the conversion funnel.

Do You Want to Boost Your Digital Marketing Efforts?

Mobile apps serve as highly an effective marketing channel. Many businesses do not realize an apps potential to boost your brand recognition. First of all, every time your customers use their devices, they will come across your applications icon, which is likely to be your brand’s logo. It is a known fact that the more someone sees a logo, the more familiar they get with the brand. They are more likely to choose your brand over others.

Moreover, mobile apps offer numerous marketing opportunities to increase in app purchases.

The Final Question

Now for the final question, you might ask if your business can actually afford a customized mobile app. With your competitors and prospects already aboard, the question that matters is whether you can afford not to have a customized mobile app.

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