Five most romantic hotels in Cambodia

19 Oct 2018

The Kingdom of Cambodia is very popular among tourists. There are several reasons for this: exotic, lush and almost untouched nature, an excellent beach holiday on the coast of the ocean and a remarkable number of sights of incredible antiquity and discouraging preservation. The pearl of the Cambodian excursion program is the magical Angkor, a city-temple in the heart of a national park with more than two hundred buildings, which cannot be totally examined even by the most enthusiastic amateur of history. Moreover, you will be surprised by the expanses of national parks with their moist forests and waterfalls, pagodas and Buddhist stupas, picturesque markets and magnificent museums, literally stuffed with Khmer antiquities. It is not surprising that many newlyweds and couples choose this mysterious country for a secluded holiday. We will tell you about the five best romantic hotels in Cambodia. In order to make your stay perfect, use car rental services and do not worry about the schedules of the public transport.

  1. The Privilege Floor by LOTUS BLANC

Location: Kruos Village, Siem Reap province (17252)

Entering the hotel, you will be greeted with a smile of the staff and offered a complimentary drink. The staff is incredibly friendly and informative. The rooms are neat, clean and very spacious. Amenities include spa, swimming pool, restaurants and gym. There are various entertainments offered by the hotel.

The types of entertainments are:

  • Explore Cambodia’s Wildlife
  • Quad Adventure Cambodia
  • the Cambodian Circus
  • Siem Reap Vespa Adventures
  • A Class for Cooking Khmer Cuisine
  • Country Side Picnic Lunch
  • Sunset Cocktails
  • The Culture Night Dining
  • Champagne Breakfast
  • Temple Dining

Talking about the last one- it is an unusual opportunity to dine at the world’s heritage site of Angkor Wat complex. You will taste the rich Khmer cuisine and feel the spirituality of the temple. The magical night will be complemented with a private cultural performance of Aspara’s Royal Ballet Dancers. It will be not only a splendid dining experience in the temple, but also a trip back to the past centuries.

  1. Central Suite Residence

Location: Sok San Road, Siem Reap province (17000)

This luxury four-star hotel could be found in the world’s ‘Top 2 Value for Money Hotels’ and Top 12 Hotels in Asia.

Situated in the center of Siem Reap, it will take you few minutes to reach the downtown district. Despite this fact, the Central Suite Residence is an oasis of tranquility, peace and calmness. You can visit the Angkor Archaeological Park, which is only in 20-minutes’ drive from the hotel. There are also various restaurants, bars and shops nearby.

The best relaxing experience is offered by the hotel’s spacious lounge, pool and by the Damnak Chan Spa wide range of treatments. You can dine in the Grand View restaurant, either indoors or near the pool, or just have a drink at the swim-up bar.

  1. Borei Angkor Resort & Spa

Location: National Road 6, Siem Reap province (17252)

While visiting the Angkor Wat, which is the UNESCO world heritage site, people most often choose Borei Angkor Resort & Spa. Thousands of travelers’ reviews prove this fact.

This five-star hotel is located in the center of Siem Reap. It will take you only 20 minutes to drive to the Airport. You will need about 10 minutes to reach Angkor Wat, and just 5 minutes to drive to the downtown, where shopping malls, Pub Street, Angkor Night Market, bars and restaurants are situated.


The luxurious Mudita Spa by BOREI ANGKOR is offering traditional Khmer massage, body and facial scrubs, and exclusive steam therapy on the herbal basis.


  1. Plantation – urban resort & spa

Location: 184 28, Street, Phnom Penh (12000)

This hotel is located in the heart of the city, but it is a peaceful oasis hidden from the city noise. The rooms are comfortable with beautifully decorated beds. You will find there everything you need during the holiday. The pool area is the biggest gem of the whole hotel. It has secluded sunbeds and comfortable seating for relaxing. The staff is helpful and friendly.

The selection of dishes at the breakfast buffet is rich and everything tastes delicious. Moreover, the cocktails are absolutely gorgeous. The spa at this hotel is excellent. Here you can have an exceptional relaxing massage.


  1. Golden Temple Retreat

Location: Wat Damnak, Sala Kamreuk, Siem Reap province (17254)

Everything is exceptional at this place. The staff is kind and helpful. The selection and variety of dishes is amazing. The hotel is located close to the Pub street and the Night market. The room decoration pleases the eye and the complimentary drinks are nicely surprising after the long trip to this fantastic hotel. The holiday in this place makes you feel like you are in paradise.


When you are visiting Cambodia, pay attention to the fact that its nature is just as interesting as its historical sights. The white sandy coasts here are framed by lush mangroves, beyond which lie the evergreen-covered mountains, and near the coastline there are almost uninhabited islands, where you can go for a day, hiring a boat.

One of the most popular natural attractions of Cambodia is the Tonle Sap Lake and the attached river. The river is unique because it changes its current direction twice a year.

In addition, it is worth to visit the national parks of Cambodia, where you will be met by a bright variety of wildlife and incredible landscapes of true paradise.


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