5 Ways To Keep Your Brain Young and Fit

27 Feb 2018

We grow older and wiser (we like to think so!) each passing year. You gain new experiences, learn new things and become closer to being called the ‘senior citizen’. But does becoming old have to be all bad? While 1 in 3 seniors die of Alzheimer’s or another type of dementia, there’s still hope. There’re ways to keep your brain healthy and young so that while your body may age, your mind will be as sharp and alert as it ever was.

Here’re a few ways you can stop or slow down your brain’s cognitive damage and keep it healthy:

Feed your brain

Food that’s rich in fat doesn’t just make your body swell up but also kills the neurons in your brain. The best way to feed your brain is to give it food that’s full of antioxidants (colorful fruits and vegetables) which help to neutralize harmful radicals. Also, focus on an overall good nutrition because this will lead to a better, healthier mind and body.

Give it some challenge 

The App Store and Play Store are full of brain-training games that are growing by leaps and bounds. Though not all these games are meant to keep dementia or cognitive dysfunction at bay, they’re seen to be affecting memory positively. However, a recent study published on November 16th last year showed that a game that’s focused on speed decision making has resulted in a lower risk of dementia! So, download these brain-teasing games on your mobile and start getting sharper.

Swear by exercise

Something that has been seriously undermined when it comes to cognitive function and age is exercise. Exercises do not just keep your body active but do a lot for your brain as well. One UCLA study showed that people aged 60 and above had a 50% reduced chance of dementia simply because they liked to keep moving and exercising.

Don’t be afraid to learn

A brain that doesn’t learn is as good as dead. Did you know that a higher level of education is linked to better cognitive function and improved mental health in old age? Yes, that’s right! Doing a job that keeps you active isn’t necessary because even hobbies like playing chess or bridge, writing, doing puzzles and solving crosswords will also keep your neurons firing.

If you really want to challenge your brain and get something good out of it, learn a new language or skill and that’s sure to work.

Rest and stay calm

Keeping your brain active doesn’t mean you need to overwork it. Various studies have shown that chronic stress is bad for your brain cells and it is something that can even change your mind’s neural networks. If you’re feeling stressed out, engage in calming activities such as meditating, doing yoga or just getting a good night’s rest!

For all the technologies in the world, no one has yet been able to find the elixir that will stop the aging process and keep everyone young and active. Luckily, these are only some of the ways you can try to slow down your brain’s aging and keep it as alert and fit as possible.

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