Foods That Employees Should Eat During Lunch

24 May 2017

We can’t afford to put rubbish into our mouth. We could have detrimental effects from bad food that we consume. Although we don’t experience immediate physical effects, we could start to lose motivation, concentration and focus due to improper food, so it’s something that we want to avoid. Many workers experience the usual afternoon slump after having their usual lunch break. There are many causes of this condition. We often eat pasta and bread during lunch. Both cause the release of serotonin. The chemical is know or causing the sensation of relaxation and happiness.

So, relaxation also means that we will get sleepy. So, it is important that we have the right kind of food for our situation. It would be a big annoyance if our body doesn’t react the way it needs to be. The food will be able to help us stay motivated to work with our tasks. Also, good food will help us to prevent many kinds of health issues. It is often about tweaking our eating habit and it’s important that we make the right kind of modification in our daily diet. During lunch, workers and employees could choose fish types that are rich in omega 3, such as cod and fresh water salmon.

Omega 3 is known for its ability to reduce mental fatigue and improve our cognitive functions. The blood flow to different parts of our brain will increase and it is a good thing for hardworking individuals. In a mentally taxing activity, employee will need to have the highest mental capacity possible. Spinach is also a good food to eat during the lunch break and we see how Popeye kicks ass after having a mouthful of spinach. This deep green stuff is rich in folate, which is a form of folic acid. People who constantly have folate in their diet will have less cognitive decline. So, although spinach doesn’t provide direct cognitive effect, it is still an excellent long-term investment for our brain.

Many employees love to have some snack while working. Instead of chomping on those high sodium potato chips, it is better to eat nuts instead. However, we should be careful with the selections of nuts. As an example, peanut isn’t actually a nut, but a part of the legume family. A good nut should contain healthy fat that can contribute to our mental clarity. Nuts also provide a proper amount of antioxidants to contribute in neutralizing free radicals in our body. This should help us to maintain our best condition in the workplace. Good types of nuts include walnuts, hazelnuts and almond.

Fat is not all bad for employees during their lunch break, in fact our brain is consisted mostly of fat tissue. The trick is to find healthy fat that we can consume every day. It’s obviously not a couple of Big Mac that can really make us full. Fish and avocado are known for their healthy fat content. It is important that we get good fat at an optimal level and we should avoid having any kind of processed fat that can really bad for our brain.

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