Green Living: 5 Solar Energy Solutions for Improving your Home

7 Mar 2018

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When making some modifications and improvements to your home, it’s important to know how these changes will affect the value of your existing home. Some contractors advise their clients to overhaul their kitchen, bathroom, or to construct additional rooms, as these improvements can instantaneously raise the value of their properties.

But these improvements are not the only options for improving your home and increasing its value. By investing solar energy technologies in your property, you can certainly improve your home and boost its value.

You can find the best solar investment depending on your particular interests, in both aesthetic and monetary terms. So if you are planning to remodel your home, check the list below for some solar home improvements. Sites like Movablemark will help you in regards technology.

Landscaping With Style

Planting short-lived trees in the proper location around your property provide warmer winters and cooler summers. It will provide you shade throughout hot summer days. Additionally, you can also opt to plant bushes and shrubs around your house since it will help you to savor the natural and gentle breeze on your property.

Photovoltaic Cells

Solar panels, or solar cells, are one of the best techniques to minimize pollution and lessen electricity expenses. The average price for installing typical solar panels is around $30,000, not including any rebates, green energy tax credits, and incentives, which will aid you to compensate much of the original cost.

Wind Generators

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For some people, installing a wind generator means installing big windmill farms found offshore. But little did you know that you can purchase smaller versions of these huge power generators.

The price of installing a wind generator differ greatly. You can buy these in kits as seen in sites like GStore, or you can hire a professional to install the wind generator. As the price varies, the power production capacity of various home wind generators also vary.

Wind energy presents many strong points, making it one of the fastest-thriving energy sources in the whole world. It is cost-effective and sustainable.

Water Heaters

When properly installed and designed, solar water heaters are excellent investments since they are much affordable compared to Photovoltaic systems. Indeed, homeowners can have or get these systems without breaking the bank.

With water heaters, you can certainly save tons of money on your electric bill. But the amount of money you can save depends on the climate and the weather of the place you reside. For example, if you reside in Arizona, you can potentially lessen your water-heating bill by approximately 90 percent.

Also, by installing solar water heaters, you can help make the environment a livable place. It minimizes the amount of emitted carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds by half. And because of the considerable and innumerable benefits of solar water heaters, installing one into your property will also raise its value.

Thus, in the long run, you can get the money you invested in a solar heating system when you market your property.

Smart Power Strips

Smart power strips are one of the best ways to address major energy issues. Energy vampires like power adapter that has no power-off button are most likely the ones to blame for wasted energy. As such, you get high electric bills every month.

To avoid such complications and to keep your home comfortable, use smart power strips. With its help, you can certainly cut down your electricity bills, as this device is an energy-saving, powerful surge protector. Aside from cutting down your bills, you can also contribute to the betterment of the environment.

Indeed a smart power strip is smart. If you plug your TV or computer into the outlet, all of the related devices such as speakers, printer, or gaming system into the rest of the outlets. The smart power strip will instantly deactivate the power to these devices once the TV or computer is off. As such, you can eliminate and oust the vampire powers in your home.


Blue and Gray Concrete House With Attic during Twilight

There are tons of ways to improve your home that can increase its value as well. Most of them are common and simple ways that do not require any major changes, installation, and construction.

Solar energy solutions like landscaping, PV cells, wind generators, water heaters, and smart power strips can help you save energy at home and cut down your electricity bills, without exerting much effort.  

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