Here is why you should use AC Repair Services at least once a year!

22 Jun 2018

Imagine coming home after spending a long day in sweltering heat only to find out that your AC is of no use. Disappointing, right? Air conditioners like any other electronic appliance are prone to numerous issues that can crop up anytime suddenly if you are not proactive in maintenance and repair. While there are certain trivial tasks that you can do on your own such as cleaning the air filters, for the rest of the jobs you need to avail AC repair services.

Here is why you should use AC repair services at least once a year, especially before the start of summers so that you don’t have to run around in the heat looking for a maintenance company:

1.     Low coolant levels

Air conditioners work through a system of high and low pressure. A refrigerant starts as a gas, and it then converts into a liquid form in the high-pressure area. The circulation of the coolant is what keeps the air conditioner working. The air conditioner must be sealed entirely to work in a perfect condition. However, over time it can develop leaks through which the refrigerant escapes. Once that happens, your air conditioner starts showing symptoms such as loss of cooling. At this time you need to get your AC recharged so that it performs at an optimum level.

2.     Loss of warranty

All reliable air conditioners come with a warranty that covers replacement of specific equipment, and repairs. However, a few factors can void your warranty, including the lack of annual maintenance. The terms and conditions of a warranty encourage you to get yearly maintenance so that the manufacturer does not have to provide for the repairs that could have been easily avoided. In case you fail to get your system regularly checked, you increase the chances of getting your warranty nullified. Remember to keep all your maintenance records in a safe place in case you need to invoke your warranty.

3.     Increase the lifespan of your AC

An air conditioning system is just like a car that you cannot keep running without an oil change and a tune-up. Imagine getting yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere because you did not take preventative measures with your car. Similarly, a poorly maintained AC will leave you suffering from the heat when you need it the most. An average lifespan of an air conditioning unit is around 15 years and depending on the maintenance you can either increase or decrease the longevity of your appliance.

4.     Increase in utility bill

Do you know that homeowners pay around $11 billion every year to power their air conditioners? That is an exorbitant amount. An efficient air conditioner, however, can save up to 20-50% of energy and consequently reduce costs. It shows that if your air conditioner is not working correctly, it will increase your utility bill since the unit will have to work harder to achieve the same cooling level.

We usually tend to delay repair and maintenance until the last moment when things are out of control. However, procrastination comes with a price; not maintaining your air conditioner will not only cost you your peace of mind but will put a dent in your pocket as well. It is not necessary that you call a professional now and then; you can manage some maintenance yourself as well such as regularly changing filters and keeping your unit dust free. However, it is crucial that you get it checked at least once a year to ensure that your unit is performing at an optimum level.

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