How To Achieve A Zen Inspired Living Room On A Minimal Budget

18 Jul 2018

As more and more people today live hectic lifestyles and erratic schedules, it becomes increasingly difficult to find tranquility and peace in one’s everyday life. If you spend the whole day swamped in draining office tasks and taking on stressful business meetings, coming home to a soothing Zen interior can do wonders. If you’re looking for a serene retreat every single time you come home, then going for a Zen-inspired style might be the perfect answer.

Here are some useful tips to achieve a perfectly Zen-inspired living room without breaking the bank:

Having Earthly Colors

How To Achieve A Zen Inspired Living Room On A Minimal Budget

Achieving a Zen-inspired design is all about going for more natural colors in the living room. Pick a more neutral and warm color scheme. Softer colors such as gray, white, beige can give off a sense of relaxation. Flashy and vivid colors, on the other hand, take off the overall feeling of calm in the space.

Achieving an overall chromatic harmony between various elements is vital, to achieve visual continuity among walls, floors, and furniture. To add contour to a monochromatic room, place a dominant color with textured tiles and matching objects.

Choosing the Right Flooring

Flooring should be made of stone and wood to keep a more natural finish. For rugs, select materials that are sustainable and earth-friendly like sisal rugs and woven reed mats. Choose carpets that are made of wool or pure cotton, and pay attention to the colors. Ideally, it should match the floor, therefore, stay in the hues of khaki and gray.

If you’re having doubts about choosing the perfect type of flooring, you can always consult a flooring company such as the Prime Floors flooring experts to cater to your needs. They feature showrooms to where you can actually see the flooring and talk to an expert regarding the particular style that will suit your Zen-like living room.

DIY Decors

A great alternative in decorating a minimalist living room is making use of DIY décor. Doing DIY projects is exceptionally cost-effective because it allows you to save a lot of money. After all, you don’t want your whole project to turn into wallet-induced anxiety. So, it makes more sense to start decorating only on what your budget can allow.

You can make use of the old things that you have in your home and transform them into something entirely new. For example, you can make your own cushions made from light and natural fabrics.

De-clutter Your Living Room

How To Achieve A Zen Inspired Living Room On A Minimal Budget

The entire concept of having a Zen-inspired living room is removing all the clutter in the space. It has less ornamentation and aiming for a more minimalistic design. So if you really want to go with the entire concept, it’s time to pack up those things that you don’t need. Even reconsider the stuff that you want to keep in the living room.

Same with wall decor ‒ the key here is simplicity. Avoid excessive photos and paintings that hang on your walls. Instead, keep the ones that are dear to you the most and get rid of the rest that you don’t need.

It’s time for you to clear things out, clean, and organize. You will need a good headspace, after all.

Play with Natural Light

Natural light is crucial to creating a relaxing space you can come home to. Instead of having fluorescent lights, opt for more subtle lighting such as nature-inspired lights or candles that are incredibly soothing to the senses. Strategically place different sources of lights in your home that allows you to control the intensity and the key areas that should be lighted. Also, explore different options such as using floor lamps and other lamps that give indirect lighting in your home.

Moreover, the window coverings should be as simple as possible. Go for plain-whites and natural sheers. Consider having bamboo blinds if you want more privacy in your space. Everything should be minimalist and elegant ‒ meant to calm down both the eye and the soul.

Bring in the calmness through green plants and natural scents

Plants can give off an overall calming effect due to its soothing green colors and can give off more oxygen to your home. Also, opt for natural scents such as essential oils and beeswax candles emanate both calming and invigorating scents.

In The End

By applying these key Zen principles in your home’s interior design, it will surely give you the harmony, balance; in peace that you need that can help you overcome incredibly stressful times. Even with a minimal budget, you can create a peaceful retreat in the comforts of your home.

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