How To Adopt Intentional Diet Lifestyle?

21 Jul 2017

We should be aware that things that we drink or eat could have drug-like effect on our hormonal systems. We should make sure that we slow down the fat storing switch off, so we won’t gain weight by accumulating fat tissues in our body. There are many things that can help us to properly keep ourselves slim and healthy, such as eating a combination of natural foods in acceptable portions. With the right kind of food, we should be able to switch the fat burning function in our body on. A common rule is that we should have a proper 80/20 ratio about our diet and nutrition. It means that about 80 percent of our diet should come from any kind of natural food that can support proper nutrition. The other 20 percent may come from things that don’t really support our health, but can be used as emotional boost. Obviously, we can’t be perfect all the time and our body should be flexible enough to deal with any kind of imperfection. There’s nothing wrong about having an occasional slice of pie after dinner. As long as we don’t eat non-supportive food regularly, there should be no noticeable effects on our body.

It is all about having intentional diet program and we need to have conscience and use proper plan. When we have an urge to overeat, it is often a combination between habit, behaviours and emotions. It is unlikely that we will be able to implement intentional eating plan, if we only want to control our emotions. We also need to change our habits and behaviours; but this could take a bit more time and effort. If we fail, we should be patient with ourselves and accept any kind of mistake that we make. The next step is to find how to fix this situation. As an example, the stressful working condition has caused some professionals to continuously munch on snacks in their working place. In this situation, it is better to remove that bowl of snack, before it becomes too addictive. If the condition is severe, we may need to be patient with ourselves. We should think about the consequence of eating too much. We should know whether we can make better choices. We shouldn’t get stuck in the comfort zone and we need to produce enough change. We shouldn’t be made about our situation and we need to be convinced that we can do enough.

However, we should know about things that can be called comfort food and Big Mac is no longer one of them. We should know that although we want to get comfort from our food, it doesn’t mean that we should anything bad from it. Homemade burger with patty made from lean meat or fish could actually be tastier if we know how to choose the proper ingredients, condiments, herbs and spices. If we want to have a proper intentional diet, we should be conscious and flexible, but it is still important to use common sense.

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