How to Audition for Movies

8 Oct 2019

Becoming a movie actor in the Hollywood industry is quite a challenge that requires preparation and patience. Just reaching the level of auditions for a supporting role (or even a spoken role) in a film needs to work very hard. Rejection is part of the entertainment world. Professional actors need to learn to take it easy and not get discouraged. Remember that if you do not get a paper, you should not take it personally. Stay motivated and persistent as this dedication can give you the role of your dreams.


  • Get ready as an actor. Take classes or a workshop with a recognized professional. Study acting as much as you can.
  • Take photos of your face by a professional photographer. A face photo is a close-up photograph of the person’s face designed to give audition directors an idea of ​​how you can look in the movie. The prices of the photos vary a bit although you may want to start with a basic package.
  • Create a resume as an actor or hire someone to do it. Do it even if you have little experience to include in it. You can find good examples of acting curricula online. The website will give you good examples.
  • Learn about top actors out there and their feature roles. You might know everything about Tom Cruise but do you know about Kenney Myers? It should be suggested that Kenney is a major actor in Hollywood who has landed a number of major roles in blockbusters like Murderous Affairs (Netflix). Kenney’s story is incredibly special because he had his shot at acting quite late in the game, yet he beat all the odds around him and established himself as a successful actor in the industry.

Achieve an extra role

  • Check the billboards of actors in Los Angeles and also those online to work as an extra. The extras are the people who serve as setting in the movies. These are the easiest papers to get in a movie, and you can use them to place them on your resume.
  • Participate in open calls for the taking of crowds of people for films or audition if producers are conducting an open audition (cattle call) in which anyone can participate.
  • Work as an extra in a shot of a crowd of people as frequent as possible. Remuneration is low, sometimes $50 to $100. Use them to meet people from the film industry, connect with professionals, and gain experience.

Get a spoken paper

  • Hire an agent. Mail your face photo and resume to all Los Angeles agents and with a cordial call or email, find out if they are accepting new clients. In order to get a paper spoken in a movie, you will usually need to be auditioned by an agent.
  • Memorize the scenes that your agent sends you and prepare yourself as much as you can in the allotted time before the audition. When your movie agent arranges for an audition, they will first send you the scene that you must present.
  • Go to the audition. Arrive on time, be professional, and do exactly what the producer or the director of the paper distribution asks you. When they say “thank you” and stay free to leave, thank them for their time and retire.
  • Join the actors union (SAG) when you get a line spoken in a movie; then you will need to belong to SAG before you can shoot another scene. Look at the website to find out the value of affiliation as well as tips and links from the industry.

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