How To Choose A Reliable Online Transcription Service

18 Nov 2017

When you are finding the best online transcriptionist for your project, many names would come in your mind as the concept of Transcription Services are increasing day by day. This way, there are many transcriptionists available today which makes it difficult to choose the best one. However, one must choose a company which offers reliable transcription services at the affordable rates. In order to have a reliable online transcriptionist, consider these five significant factors to choose the best and reliable transcriptionist.

1 – Look for Quality and Accuracy

If you have ever tried online transcription services before, you may have noticed that the accuracy and quality are always not great. The primary feature for having an effective transcription is to check the quality and accuracy of it. It is even more essential when you are having a larger transcription project. Whether you want transcription services for video or audio, make sure you hire a professional transcriber. Most transcription agencies use low-quality software which results in poor services. Hence, to get more professional transcription services, look for a reliable transcription vendor in the market.

2 – Check out the Turnaround Time

Another important aspect to look for is turnaround time and faster delivery. In most cases, turnaround time varies from project to project like from a couple hours to several weeks. For instance, if you need an urgent transcription to get done, you can find transcription vendors in the market who provide you high-quality transcription services as per requirement, however, the delivery fee is more than usual.

3 – File Security and Confidentiality

Although transcription services are available online for people convenience it brings safety problems at the same time. There are many security issues like hacking and scamming which should be restricted by a transcription company. In order to make sure that your files and data are protected, find a firm which offers exceptional security and confidential features.

4 – Pricing and Hidden Fees

Whether it is about online transcribing services or any other kind of purchase/fees, pricing always matters. One should be very careful when it comes to pricing and go for cost-effective rates. There are companies that show different pricing but once you sign the contract, there are hidden fees. Also, your transcription price can be increased by adding more than one accent, speaker, technical content or any other feature. Before making a deal, make sure that you are fully aware of the pricing and hidden fees. This way, you won’t have to break the bank account at the end of a project completion.

5 – Project Management for Assignments

Whether your project is small or larger, make sure that the company has a project management team which will look at everything and keep you updated regarding transcription services. It is better to have contact on one point than dealing with each transcriber separately. Also, when the company has project management, they push the transcribers to work in a better and faster way.

These are some of the few ways to choose a reliable transcription service online which will help you saving money and time while having the best services.

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