How to find the best door repair and installation expert in Dallas?

7 Dec 2018

Often under-appreciated, doors are the widely used parts in our houses. Not to mention, they come among things that are not cared for properly. An interesting home improvement survey found out that people are, in fact, very lazy in looking after their garage doors.

It revealed that 82% of the respondents agreed that they didn’t care for their garage doors properly. 34% agreed that no one in their home ever tested their garage door’s or its opener’s safety features. Similarly, 27% confessed that they weren’t sure when the hinges and rollers of their doors were last lubricated.

No wonder, their repair costs amass so quickly. Home Advisor highlights that the installation and replacement costs for doors can range anywhere between $726 – $1,431. The real question remains though, how do you find the best door repair and installation expert in Dallas?

There are numerous scam services or companies that promise big but deliver small. To get in touch with a stellar service provider though, you will need to do some digging. Here are the major steps to take:

  1. Ask people in your circle

Word of mouth is an excellent way to connect with a door repair and installation expert. Word travels fast, so there is a high chance that you can get a couple of names from your acquaintances.

Once you have a few names, get to researching more about them online. If no one in your circle has ever required a door repair or installation professional, then you can move straight to the next step of conducting thorough research online.

  1. Research online

Our world is increasingly becoming connected in the online sphere. If you can’t find something offline, you can learn about it online. Similarly, if you discover a service provider offline, then you can always verify the details online.

To begin with, type in ‘Door Repair Near Me’ or try other related search phrases such as ‘Door Repair Dallas.’ This will pull up a list of reputable names in your area. Certain online directories that can provide curated lists of services include Angie’s List and Home Advisor.

Thumbtack is another site that can help you. You only have to enter your area code in the search bar, and you will get the required information along with free price estimates.

  1. Conducting in-depth research

Now that you have some names at your disposal, you need to start working on shortlisting them to get the best candidate. One of the first things that you should look up about a service provider is their website.

A credible door repair and installation expert would always have an active website that provides all the required details. On their website, check if enough details of the services offered are provided.

Simultaneously, ensure that the website is not outdated. Another key factor to examine on a website is the contact detail. An authentic service provider should always have their phone number and address details on display.

  1. Look for local reviews

Your potential service provider should showcase testimonials as social proof of their services on their website. Read through these to learn more about the services. However, don’t just stop there. Go a step further and google a company’s local reviews.

Type in company name and reviews. This should bring up all the reviews written for the community. A positive recommendation made for the company’s services goes a long way in building your trust with that company.

A negative review, however, can save you from wasting your time and money with a door repair and installation service that is a self-declared expert. 94% of the people agree that a negative online review has aided them in avoiding a business. You will find sites such as Facebook and Yelp as common places where reviews are shared.

  1. Call the company

By now, you should be having a short list of potential companies that you want to work with. These door repair and installation experts in Dallas should be having a website, sufficient contact details, and positive online reviews.

If you find these professionals from your offline circle of friends and family, then they should also have good things to say about their services. The last step is to call the company on the digits given on the website.

Learn more about the services and charges and double check what the representative says on the phone with what is shared on the website. While you are at it, examine the way the person on the phone converses. It will tell you a lot about the door repair company’s customer service.

Final words

Searching for the best door repair and installation expert in Dallas can be a time-consuming task. However, it is best to take your time in this phase then lose money to someone who doesn’t deliver excellent results and is only concerned with upselling his services to you.

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