How To Get Tidy Results When Painting Your House?

7 Jul 2017

There are different ways to improve the visual appeal of our house and it often includes a well executed painting job. Although this method is relatively simple, it may still represent a number of challenges, especially for people who are not experienced. We will need to use the right tools and techniques to make sure that they work well. When painting the wall of our house, we should make sure not to make a mess. It means that we need to have enough drop cloths and plastic, so all furnishings and floors can be covered. This task is simple to do and may require only 10 minutes to cover a medium-sized room. However, we will save hours of clean up job due to accidental paint drips and sprays. Sand paper and sheet rock mud should also be useful if we want to remove any imperfection from the house. When applying sheet rock mud, it is important to make sure that we apply an exceptionally thin layer, so we won’t have the ugly lumps on our well. However, there will still be some imperfections and we can fix that using the fine sand paper.

Many people make a relatively big mistake of applying thick and uneven layer. This could cause us to waste time for sanding the rough area. Good results can also be achieved if we have good quality brush. In this case, cheap brushes won’t give us the right kind of results. Cheap brushes often give us uneven application and we won’t be able to accurately deal with corners, costing us quality of work and proper time. We should have roller naps with different nap thickness, between ½ inch to one inch in thickness. Again, we won’t get good results if we choose cheap roller naps. Tidy work can be achieved if we use blue masking tape during our work. Pressure should be applied evenly on the tape line, so it lies perfectly flat. If we don’t apply enough pressure, it is possible that some amount of paint will seep under the tape, giving us poor and untidy results. Before masking you wall, it is important to give about one day for everything to get dry completely or a couple of days when it is suddenly raining outside.

When painting the interior of our house, we should paint the ceiling first, then the wall and finally the trim. It is important to be careful when rolling the ceiling, because a mist can settle on the wall. Additionally, if we use brush, it is possible to drip paint on the wall. So, regardless of what tool we choose, we need to be very careful. Mist and drips can also happen on the trim, so we should be really careful about that. After completing the paint job for the day, we should always clean the roller naps and brushes under running water. They should be clean when the water used to wash is clear. Then, we need to air dry these brush and roller naps for the next day. Don’t put them under the sun, because they will get dry too quickly and harder to use the next day. It’s better to keep your brushes and naps, slightly damp and clean for the next day.

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