How To Have An Excellent Breakfast?

25 Jun 2017

Breakfast is an essential meal that we can have, many people only grab a few croissants, some butter and cup of coffee for their breakfast, but this may not be the best option. Just like other meals, we should make sure that breakfast isn’t too fatty, carbs-loaded and high in simple sugar. Coffee, pancakes, pastries and donuts can give us a quick boost during the morning, but they are not the healthiest options. Once the energy is depleted, we will crave for more calories. They also don’t offer enough nutrients to keep us healthy during the day. It is also important to ensure that breakfast can bring us enough nutrients and it shouldn’t only be used as source of fuel. Unfortunately, many people are in hurry during the morning and they don’t have the time to cook complete, nutritious food. This causes them seek out easy and quick alternatives that are not always healthy. Some people can be really in hurry that they skip breakfast. As a result, they tend to overindulge themselves during lunch hours.

If you want to get your day started on track, we should have a proper and healthy breakfast. We need to have a plan on how to ensure that breakfast can contribute on offering balanced nutrition and calories intake. Both are needed to ensure that our body can function properly. During morning hours, our body needs to refuel after a long period of sleep. Even during deep sleep, our body burns some calories for internal functions and metabolism process. Typical breakfast contains high amount of carbs and fat, but we should also need to have enough fiber and protein. Both can be broken down to make energy, but the process takes longer time to complete, so we will feel full longer. Protein can be obtained from lean meat, while fiber can be obtained from oats, fruits and beans. Throughout the day, our body needs protein to manufacture antibodies, hormones, enzymes and muscle tissues. So, while we can eat sausage, eggs, pastries and bacon for some days of the week; we should also alternate them with fruits, whole grain bread, beans and lean meat.

Typical breakfast doesn’t have enough fiber to help in relieving constipation, improving digestion and managing weight. If you typically don’t get enough fiber in breakfast, you will find that after consuming fiber-rich breakfast, you feel full and energized longer. Fresh fruits can be cut in small cubes and frozen overnight, which is delicious when eaten with low-fat yoghurt. 100 percent orange juice can be mixed without or with minimal sugar. With a god breakfast, we should be able come up with so much health benefits, it is possible to stave off hunger and we will feel full for a few more hours, until it’s time for lunch. We should be aware that skipping breakfast is obviously not a solution. It is better to prepare our breakfast during the night. We may make sandwich with whole grain bread and other healthy ingredients. Sandwiches can be put in the fridge and we may warm them up the next morning in the microwave. During commuting, we may have the time to eat sandwiches and some cool, fresh orange juice.

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