How to Maximize the Number of Applicants That Apply for Your Open Position

26 Feb 2019

Gone are the days of advertising dental jobs openings on noticeboards in and around your practice. Prospective applicants are looking online for their next opportunity, as they simply don’t have time to visit a local job center or visit in person to different practices to hand in resumes. Times have changed.

Why is Using a Dental Jobs Board So Effective?

We would recommend that you advertise your latest job opening on a website such as, which is a website that has access to thousands of readily available applicants. This makes it easy to reach a large number of qualified candidates quickly and effectively, keeping costs to a minimum by reducing the need for marketing expenditure in other areas. Also, it is a lot easier to weed out candidates who are unlikely to be successful in their application, which saves time, effort and money. To get started, you can post an advert on DentReps by visiting this link here –

What other methods are effective?

Refine, Update and Improve the Job Advert and Description

If you are looking to hire new employees using an out of date application from 2 years ago, it could be the case that the description and advert don’t reflect on the tasks the new employee will be expected to complete. The advert should be created in such a way to make the position exciting to encourage prospective candidates to submit an application. We would recommend that you also include details of what training is available, as well as career progression. It is important to show that you are also providing something to the candidate.

Make Use of Previous Candidates

Do you have a bank of details on file from previous candidates who weren’t successful last time around, but were more than capable of doing the job? It is important to contact these people to make them aware of the opening. You’d be surprised at how effective this technique is.

Network at Conferences

Conferences are an excellent way to speak informally with people. More often than not, there will be people there who are looking for a new job. This will give you access to candidates that you may have otherwise never been able to target.

These are just some of the ways that can improve your recruitment process. Do you have any other tips that work? Be sure to let us know.

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