How to Pursue Your Passion in Art

12 Feb 2019

Art is a field which continues to be advanced throughout history and has also been remarkably optimized with the integration of modern technology. An artist in the past is different than an artist in the present, today. However, one thing has remained universal for all artists of all times that they move forward with a great passion for pursuing the discipline in its respective forms. People around the world actively pursue their interest in art by practicing what they are good at and showcasing to the world. This is standard practice and has been around for decades.

On the other hand, one of the biggest problems posing a constant threat to art is the question – can it be a sustainable career path? Art is unlike the fields of science and business where normally individuals would acquire degrees and pursue specialized professions. It does not translate to a typical job mostly. Art is a trade which can be treated much similar to the business of simple trade – buying and selling. Many people have been forced to abandon their dreams of pursuing a career in art solely because they could not understand the possibilities of converting it into a full-time career. Many people also miss out on opportunities or simply do not find anywhere around them. This is a problem in many parts of the world, and it calls for a more practical approach towards art and proper plans for turning a passion into a full-time career.

Let us admit; nobody wishes to be a starving artist. It used to be a tradition in the 17th century, not anymore. Today you are met with a plethora of responsibilities and you are required to earn a livelihood by any reasonable and lawful means. This is a matrix which no artist can escape. After all, they would also require to pay the bills.

It is important to pursue your passion for art and all the while exploring opportunities which can transform your individual passion into a fulfilling career path. A great opportunity lies at the disposal of a Los Angeles-based company called “General Public”. It is a company led by Portia de Rossi, who we all know as an artist and a keen collector of art. She started her company to grant a platform for artists to thrive in the world by selling their art to not just a single owner but more and more people.

Her company manages it via 3D printing and scanning of artworks. General Public uses the technology, SYNOGRAPH™ that allows printing of art pieces into their exact state. It manages to keep the texture, dimensional work and brushwork intact. This way an artist’s marketplace expands as they would generally have more art pieces to sell to more than one collector. The company goes by the motto – “GP’s passion is to bring great art to more people. Support artists, not art.”

Artists can earn a royalty on each sale made by General Public.

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