How To Significantly Slow Down Aging Process With Food?

21 Jun 2017

Some foods can really slow down the aging process. We won’t need a face lift if we know what kinds of food that we should consume. The best solution for anti aging process is by trying to do this inside out. It means that anti aging should begin with our diet and lifestyle. The most usual anti aging foods are vegetables and fruits. We need to use them to replace the usual processed food that we consume. If possible, we should vegetables raw, but if we can’t do that, we may lightly sautee or steam them. Fresh veggies should provide us with enough phytonutrients, antioxidants and other nutrients. It means that our body can be helped in different ways. Our body regenerates dead skin cells with new ones and this requires nutrients from vegetables or fruits. We could also find more than enough antioxidants in fresh fruits and vegetables to get rid of free radicals in our body.

If we want to have a youthful skin, we should also get food that’s rich in collages. We should consume our daily requirements of healthy vegetables each day. We should have enough antioxidants to prevent internal inflammation and significant exposure to free radicals. Inflammation is an internal condition that we need to prevent, which can be linked to various diseases, including heart diseases. Diabetes, osteoporosis and cancer can also be prevented by having proper consumption of fruits and vegetables. These diseases are often associated with premature aging, which could cause degradation on internal system and external appearance. Although aging is inevitable, we could delay it significantly using proper diet plan. Free radicals could cause our skin to look old and dull, while wrinkles could also appear very quickly. Eating fruits and vegetables will allow people to have graceful aging process. Their skin will look tighter even when they have reached the age of 60’s. Because muscle mass starts to decline, it is also important to eat enough protein from good sources to maintain fitness. Exercise will also allow our body to stay at good level.

There are sources of lean protein that we can choose, such as fish, lean beef, free range eggs, poultry breast and soy. Another component of anti aging nutrient is EFA or Essential Fatty Acids, but unfortunately, we often don’t get enough of it. Just like antioxidants, EFA also helps to prevent inflammation in our body. It has been shown that constant consumption of EFA could help to reduce the risk for arthritis, cancer and heart diseases. Healthy fatty acids in avocado and cold water fish are essential for proper brain functions and this could prevent the degradation of cognitive performance. We could find EFA in olive oil, avocado, seeds, nuts, fish, among others. It is ideal if we get a good balance between different components of EFA, including Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9. If it seems that we can’t get the proper amount of EFA, it is a good idea to consume EFA supplements.

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