How To Succeed As a Journalist

29 Mar 2019

Sometimes considered one of the worst jobs in the world, sometimes as the one that has the highest number of employment, journalism has seen its highs and lows. A journalist is someone who simply brings you news and information from around the world. There have been some stellar examples of how journalists have exposed lies on the media. For instance, the infamous Watergate scandal is one of the biggest examples of quality journalism. Michael Ray Smith, an award-winning journalist, has talked a lot about the importance of becoming a journalist. Michael Ray Smith works in trans-journalism and has worked as a professor of journalism at Palm Beach Atlantic University in South Florida. Here are Smith’s tips for succeeding as a journalist.

Focus on learning as early as possible

It is generally accepted that passing through a recognized journalism school is the recognized way to become a journalist. However, if you stop learning afterward, you are just going to fall behind. More importantly, you should start freelancing as early as possible. This formula, long underestimated, has many advantages: you are paid, you do not pay tuition, you enjoy the benefits of employees and, most importantly, you discover the profession by practice in the field. Without forgetting that after one or two years of apprenticeship, you increase your chances of getting a permanent contract, a fixed-term contract or freelance writing.

Nothing prevents you from starting into freelance right after you get your degree, but it is better to consolidate your general knowledge with a license. All degrees are eligible for the job: a graduate in science or economics can only enrich the profession with his expertise. Multiply the internships and do not neglect any position. Streaming news channels are always looking for journalists to write stories for them. The task may seem small at first, and yet, it is extremely informative because you are at the heart of the news and in constant relationship with the editors.

Know how to make yourself available, but not too much

The work of a journalist does not stop at all. A journalist stays outside and focused on his writing even while on vacation. News is by definition unpredictable. Keep your phone on all the time and get ready to be mobilized in the evening or at the weekend in case of big news or to replace a colleague. Contact your superiors if an event occurs in the place where you are. A ready-to-use travel bag can be useful if you are unexpectedly sent on a report. All the small services that you will make will always be appreciated and followed by an elevator return. However, be careful, give yourself time and say no to abuse. Michael Ray Smith is an experienced journalist who has won many awards. He rose to his position by constantly focusing on his work and staying true to his profession. He was also part of the graduate faculty in communication at Regent University, Virginia Beach, and is one of the most recognized professionals in the industry.

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