How Yoga Can Keep You In Shape This Winter

3 Jan 2019

It can be difficult to find motivation to go the gym when it’s cold and rainy outside. Whether you’re dragging yourself out of bed to go to the gym or even leaving work and doing a workout instead of heading straight home, sometimes you just can’t muster the energy. Yoga is an amazing way to keep fit, and what’s more, you can do it at home! See below some tips on how yoga can keep you in shape this winter:


Get Your Mobility Back

After the Christmas and New Year period, you might be feeling sluggish. There is little time for exercise when you’re visiting your family and friends for days on end. Yoga can be a great way to introduce you back into the swing of things. Practicing yoga at home is often preferable to those who don’t want to commit to a gym class just yet. Doing just 15 to 20 minutes a day can make you feel revitalised.


Make A Zen Spot

Get out of your womens sleepwear and step out of bed into the zen space you’ve specially created for your yoga time. Having your own space to unwind in peace and quiet is the perfect way to practice yoga. There’s no need to go overboard, just find a space in your home big enough for your yoga mat and moves! You can then start decorating the area with some incense burners or candles.


Schedule Workouts

Have your outfit washed and ready for your next workout, that way there are no excuses when it comes to doing it! If you’re stuck for outfits to wear, then take a look at who recommend some of the best activewear brands around. Set weekly goals to keep yourself on track, even if that means you’re scheduling in yoga time only 3 to 4 times a week. Though it may seem difficult at first, the more you start stretching and practicing the yoga positions – the better you’ll be at them. You can also try yoga with a friend, which means you’ll be even more encouraged not to skip your workout days.


Relax Your Mind

Yoga isn’t just about keeping fit, it can also be greatly beneficial to your mind, body and soul. It will give you a sense of clarity, much like meditation, it can help to clear your mind. For those who find it hard to de-stress from the working week, yoga is and excellent way to relax.

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