Imagining a World with Zero Poverty

20 Nov 2018

Although the world has progressed to the 21st century, the facts and figures are still against the odds when it comes to matters such as poverty, world hunger, and illiteracy. Much to everyone’s luck, the United Nations has huge plans for the coming decades that would focus on nothing but ending world poverty and bringing down the figures to a total of zero.

While many people are still doubtful of these goals – considering that there are still around 900 million people that are affected by extreme poverty – statistics have shown a rather remarkable improvement over the decades. In 1999, the United Nations documented that there were about 1.75 billion people who lived in extreme poverty.

Which Measures Will Be Taken to End Poverty?

Globally, for every 100 men aged 25-34 living in extreme poverty, 125 women are belonging to the same age group living in the same conditions. Such conditions also ignite a series of health concerns, ranging from malnourishment to starvation and everything in between. Due to the inadequacy of these families, they are also unable to receive a quality education, and many children have slow growth as well.

To ensure that by the year 2030, there is no poverty present in any part of the world, it is crucial to understand that this cannot happen without the help and support of every single member of society. Many large organizations have taken initiatives to ensure that the United Nation manages to succeed in entirely this goal that is beneficial to all.

One such renowned organization is BraineHealth, which has recognized the goals of the United Nations as their own and is continually working towards completing these objectives by any means necessary. To achieve these objectives, the team of experts at BraineHealth has taken it upon themselves that any person who seeks the help of their healthcare facility will not be turned away, regardless of class, creed, or any type of societal status.

What Are the Target Goals to End Poverty by 2030?

One of the primary target goals that have been set by the United Nations to end poverty by the year 2030 is to ensure that economic resources are accessible and available to all, specifically to the lower class citizens. It goes without saying that one of the main reasons due to why poverty exists today is because a lot of the basic necessities are not being met.

With the help of every member present within the society of the world today, it is highly possible not just to achieve this goal to end world poverty, but to surpass the potential statistics. It is crucial to realize that to reach the level of happiness that this would bring, every member needs to participate and acknowledge that this problem, can be overcome but only if the world understands and focuses on working towards the goals. In the year 2030, the world will be a better place.

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