Important Things to Know About Signing With a Record Label

1 Mar 2019

Making independent music is only going to get you so far; you will need to sign up with a record label afterward if you really want to grow your brand. The best way to do it is to first conduct your research accordingly and then sign up with a record label. 925Five Records is one of the leading record labels owned by Montana Montana Montana, a famous rapper also known as Lovie Johnson. He’s worked with several leading artists and has established himself as one of the leading recording artists of the modern genre. If you are going to sign up with a record label, here are a few things that you should know.

The Duration of the Contract

The contractual period corresponds to the period during which the artist is contractually obligated to work only with the recording label. The rights to all that is produced during this period are primarily owned by the record label which then reserves the right to use these recordings. This period varies in length, usually as long as a year after the release of the last album and often prevents an artist from switching labels.

When an album is put on sale, physically or digitally, the sales rise quickly right after the release and then goes back down. This is particularly true in the world of electronic music where the outputs are usually singles instead of full albums.

In addition, nowadays, many labels receive a portion of revenue from an artist’s concerts, as well as a share of revenue from goodies, sponsorship and advertising during the term of the contract. Most record labels prefer to sign generally shorter contracts with emerging artists and to avoid record labels taking too much from an artist who is still at a stage of development.


Options can be used to determine whether a particular record label will use the artist’s services for another album or not. Option recordings are usually mentioned within the contract only.

One point is particularly of note for artists who primarily produce singles: everything is not centered on the number of options that you grant to the label, but it also depends on the time that the label decides to green light the option; such as a while after the album has been released.


Advances have reduced dramatically in the past few years. Small labels often do not have the necessary liquidity and the production costs have also reduced dramatically, especially regarding electronic music. It is now very complicated for labels to predict how much money they will win, something that was easy before when only physical copies were used.

925Five Records is one of the leading record labels that produce music. Being a rapper himself, Lovie Johnson works closely with his artists in order to give them a suitable platform from where they can grow their music. It’s a fantastic option for budding artists who want to propel and grow themselves.

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