Joseph Maenza – Rise to The Top

5 Sep 2019

Many people have made a name for themselves in the film industry. There are some really spectacular agents in the industry who have helped struggling actors rejuvenate their characters. One of these is Joseph Maenza. Maenza didn’t know that he was going to be a famous commercial agent. In fact, he started his career as a lawyer. He got his law degree from the University of Illinois and became a US-based attorney. He was always interested in the entertainment industry, but initially found his break in the sports field.

He realized that being a lawyer was not where his heart lays, and instead went into the representation industry. He went into the sports industry and represented over a hundred athletes. Becoming a business manager and an agent in the process, he decided to move to Miami and branch out in the music and publishing industry. As he saw the growth of hip hop in the local culture, he decided to start representing many other famous stars. He represented many famous players in the hip hop genre, including Heavy D, JOJO, KC, and Mary J Blige.

He even signed the group Will to Power, and they recorded two chart-topping hits as well. Maenza was also an incredibly important figure in the success of the supergroup Expose. The trio became one of the biggest acts in the world of music and had four top ten hits on the Billboard Hot 100 from their debut album.

Maenza even launched several fashion magazines as Hollywood began to appreciate the Latin talent and the culture as a whole. He found success as an investor and the publishing director of the award-winning fashion magazine known as Zink. He’s also an executive producer of the short film, Lines, and the co-executive producer of a reality TV music show known as ‘In The Mix.’

Maenza is one of the leading commercial agents in the city and has established himself as one of the leading commercial agents in the industry. Today, he is a household name who works with some of the leading actors and entertainment personalities. He has worked with many of the major celebrities in the industry and has risen to the top. Joseph Maenza has a significant fortune and gets invites to work with him. He also has extensive experience in various industries as well, including finance, print media, and fashion.

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