Loan Against Securities or Personal Loan: Which is Better?

7 Feb 2019

When you face an emergency, you may go ahead and avail a personal loan to cover all needs quickly. However, you may know that credit cards and personal loan carry the highest rate of interest.

Hence, using them may let you repay a high interest based EMI over a shorter tenor of 1-5 years. Also, the maximum loan amount that you can grab under a personal loan is around Rs.25 lakh or more.

Hence, when you need some larger amount at an affordable interest rate, it would not be feasible to go for the personal loan.

If you have invested in securities, you can go for the loan against securities from NBFCs at lower rates and get a longer tenor. This way, you can manage to pay smaller EMIs and not let it hamper monthly outlays.

Let’s see some aspects of personal loan and loan against securities NBFC. Going through it will clear the air about which one to go if you are confused.

Loan against securities or personal loan – What to apply

  • The loan amount

The loan amount that you can get out of a personal loan is Rs.25 lakh, and the same is Rs.10 crores from the loan against securities NBFC account. As a result, if you need a large amount, availing personal loans won’t serve the purpose. If your needs are unplanned or immediate, you can borrow a large amount through this credit facility. The icing on the cake is, the approval is quite fast and the application procedure is easy to follow.

  • The interest rate

It is the most important factor as a higher interest can lead to hefty payouts if you choose a longer tenor. It is because the EMI amount may lower, you will need to pay compounding interest rates. Compared with the personal loan, the loan against securities NBFC is surely a safe bet as you get to avail an affordable interest rate.

  • The loan tenor

The loan tenor of a personal loan could only range between 1-5 years while the same for the loan against securities would be higher. Hence, if you wish to avail a higher amount, availing the loan against securities tenor would help you manage it. How? It is because you can stretch the higher loan amount into a longer tenor and pay smaller EMIs. It will also lead to helping you pay off the loan without stressing about paying it over a shorter tenor and paying a large portion of the Salary for it.

  • Relationship Manager

Compared with the personal loan, the loan against securities facility lets you enjoy the services of a lender’s appointed dedicated Relationship Manager. You can get in touch with the Relationship Manager to solve your loan related queries. If you have any queries related to the personal loan, you don’t enjoy such privileges.

The verdict

If you need some large funds at a competitive rate of interest over a longer tenor, it is worth opting for the loan against securities NBFC facility. The loan against securities eligibility criteria is easy to meet; you can apply for it online and get quick approval. Nowadays, top financial institutions providing this facility like the said one which is a secured loan. It allows people to borrow a high loan amount as a loan without adding compromising on the maturity value of your investment.   

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