Revamp Your Interior This Summer

23 May 2018

Just like you prefer undergoing a makeover when the summer starts to settle in, similarly your interior also needs a revamp to maintain the freshness and elegance of your living space. Welcome the bright, inviting colours of summers and give your living space the much-needed transformation. This could be done in the form of replacing old, worn out windows to make your space well-lit and aerated, complimenting it with bright furniture of your choice to de-cluttering by implementing space-saving storage ideas.

Whether you are thinking of giving your house a quick fix or a complete face-lift is your choice. From a few subtle additions here and there to eye-catching vibrant colours, you can bring about jany ust plain living room to life.

A clean and well-kept house does not only look aesthetically appealing but also increases the well-being of the individuals residing in it. You can play with a diverse palette of colours when it comes to revamping your interior. Pair them with the hottest interior design trends and you’re good to go.

Neutrals for Life

Subtle colours have a charm of their own and one of the major hits amongst interior designers. Playing around with neutral shades is always a win-win situation as they are best for a hot and humid climate. The whole point is to tone down your room’s interior all summer long. Opt for taupe, beige or even lighter shades of grey. Give your living space the perfect soothing look.

Summer Hues for the Win

Now what’s a summery tone you may ask? A subdued and muted tone that contrasts perfectly with the bright, blue skies outside, striking the perfect balance between the liveliness and brightness of the interior. A soft-yellow shade could pass off as the perfect colour, exuding those positive summer vibes.

Wake up to a sunny bedroom, with the sunlight sneaking in through the windows illuminating the palette of soft yellows in your room. Pair it up with a feature wall and drape the bed in a colourful floral bedsheet.

A White –Coastal Style Living Room

Summers is all about keeping it light and cool. While bright colours dominate the summer palette of colours, white never disappoints. Choosing the basic scheme as white and complimenting it with corals on white chiffon curtains and adding on to the aura of the space with cyan cushions can give the perfect coastal look.

White walls stimulate and energize your room and gives a widening effect to it along with facilitating ventilation. Plain, white walls are like a canvas which can be creatively experimented with, by adding additional elements. Modern décor and sophisticated furniture can add the finishing touches to your white, coastal-style living room.

A clean white palette imparts that refreshing and crisp look to your room, you’ve always dreamt off.

Ice Cream Colours

Who would have known that gelato colours would be the next big thing in interior designing this year?

For those who get excited while choosing their favourite ice-cream colour are now in for a truly exhilarating experience when adorning their living spaces.

These pretty colours are not only soothing to the eyes but are capable of uplifting the entire aura of the setting. You could experiment with these colours on a single wall or take your chance to expose multiple walls with these heart-warming and cheerful shades.

Follow your instinct and accessorize your living space with pastel coloured tableware, dining tables and chairs and vases. Your new look is bound to be praised by every visitor who visits you this summer! Are you excited?


It is often said that your living space is a reflection of your personality. Be it a highly formal one with single tone colours or a canvas with a splash of flamboyant colours. Let your fabrics, accessories and furnishing speak for themselves. Make sure the different rooms of your home are in synchrony to give the best results.

However, in order that your newly refurbished interior maintains that flawless look and keeps looking as good as new, you need to have a proper professional cleaning regime in place. Whether you are a dedicated homeowner who simply loves their space or a commercial space requiring regular maintenance, a professional cleaning service can help you keep your summer look intact, fresh and appealing.

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