Sales Lead Management System

1 Aug 2017

Sales Management System: How to Sell More with CRM

CRM-system of sales management allows you to increase sales efficiency due to better organization of the work of the commercial department, optimization of work with clients and powerful analytical tools for estimating sales indicators.

In recent years, the structure of consumption, especially in the B2C sector, has changed dramatically. The availability of information and the active growth of the Internet trading have taught consumers to make purchasing decisions quickly, often focusing on the immediate need. The changes are obvious in B2B also; customers come to the company already armed, having studied competitors and looking for advantages in comparison, rather than being guided by the discount or brand.

All these changes have created a new paradigm for business management – being customer-oriented. To build a client-oriented business, it is important not only to have an effective strategy for customer relations, but also appropriate software solutions designed specifically for the automation of business processes, operations and procedures. As a sales lead management system and a key tool for attracting and retaining customers, CRM-system minimizes the human factor when working with clients, allows you to make the sales process transparent, and control the work of managers.

CRM as a Sales Lead Management System

Various CRM-solutions are now implemented in many companies.In theory, everything is clear, but in practice, as a rule, everything is a bit different. Strange as it may sound, the first reaction of the employees of the commercial department when implementing the CRM-system, designed to simplify their work, is the reluctance to use it. They continue to enter the information into the usual Excel, simply duplicating it in the CRM-system, doing a double job and spending twice as much time on routine tasks.

In addition, the quality of data,being entered into the CRM software, suffers. As a result, the expensive software turns into an ordinary intelligent database with notifications. You can correct the situation by choosing the right tools.

When choosing a Sales Lead Management platform the following criteria should be taken into account:

  • User-friendly interface. For example, the interface of the bpm’onlineSales Lead Management system is fully action-oriented. The manager can perform any actions with the help of the Actions Dashboard: send letters, record the results of the call to the client, schedule a meeting or add a post, without moving to other sections of the system or application.
  • Flexibility and scalability of the system. The system should support existing processes and regulations, grow and develop together with the company. Bpm’online is a good example.

Sales Lead Management system performs a number of important functions:

Improves and Structures the Flow of Information

CRM-system allows you to align the work of marketing and commercial departments and the customer support service, organize effective interaction and information exchange between divisions, and avoid loss of important information. Using CRM-system in sales will also help to synchronize the actions of employees and organize the distribution of tasks between managers of different departments.

Tracks Sales Indicators

CRM-system with its built-in analytical tools allows you to monitor all changes in the sales process, the advancement of your lead in the funnel, KPI, which allow you to assess the effectiveness of sales managers.

Manages the Leads

With a CRM system, you will not miss a single lead. The system automatically registers the lead in the system and sends the completed form to the sales manager, who completes the interaction. CRM also provides tools for nurturing and evaluating the maturity of the lead.

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