Short And To the Point About How to Save Money on Car Rental!

14 Dec 2018

Welcome to the most glamorous places in Italy! Milan can boast its fashion and design heritage. It is also known as a cultural and shopping place. But it’s not only about shopping here. You can go to the theatre, watch a football match, find the best restaurant and take your dinner. Do you want to get out of the city center and move on? You should rent a car and go to Bologna, Genoa, or Turin. Before, it is better to know how to rent a car in Milan Malpensa to have a comfortable trip.

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Rent a Car in Milan

Do you plan to explore city attractions and surrounding? Why don’t you try to book a car? This is the best variant for travelers. If you want to get a car for a cheaper price, try to book it online. Fill in the form and check whether a car is available for the period you need. Whatever you pick, your journey starts from the airport. There are many articles that advise you to skip airport rental offices as the prices are usually higher there. Nevertheless, if you are in a new city, don’t waste money for taxi to take you to Milan center. The difference between prices is not big. Finally, booking a car online, you already get the cheapest price! The offices of car rental companies at Malpensa airport can be found in Terminal 1. Welcome!

Want to make the price cheaper? Here are tricks to help you to score a cheap rental car and save some money!

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Picking Car

First of all, think about the car you want to hire. Traveling with kids or heavy luggage and gear, always try picking a big car like sedan or offroader. If you want just to save your money on car rental, you can pick the smallest car you can find. Of course, it is not about the size only. Try to pick eco-friendly car. There are many companies that offer their hybrid cars for rent. Don’t forget to check the transmission and pick exactly what you need. Booking online, you can read as much information about your car as you want. Also, don’t forget to ask about some additional gear for rent, like baby safe seat, GPS system, or wheel chains.

Booking Nuances

The choice of the world popular rental companies is big. Such names as Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Hertz, Dollar, National, Sixt and Thrifty are mostly popular. You should pick one depending on where you go and your own rental experience. Go online and check their prices, rules, standards. Don’t forget to read feedbacks. It is also available on the web.

RCF: Budget Rent a Car

Rental Contract

Try to read your rental contract attentively. It is important to read before you sign. Booking online or on the phone, you should also ask about limitations. Are there any fees provided? Is additional equipment paid or not? If you are a young driver, are there any age limitations? What are the pick up and drop off terms and places? Try to read any single words and even in the corner of the last page.


The price question is always hot for all customers. You’d better to be careful. It often happens that the price you see in a booklet is higher due to governmental and local taxes, airport fee, additional expenses, insurances, gas bills. What’s then? Then, you pay twice more than you expected. It is important to as about all these surprises to be ready to overpay. One way or another, the most of the modern companies provide a high-class clear service. The price that you can see on the website usually includes all possible spends. It gives you a total figure that you have to pay for your car.


Drop Off

Your shopping is over and you are going back home. It is time to drop off the car. Check a gas tank first. It must be full when you drop off. Don’t use petrol services at the airport petrol stations. Of course, it seems to be very convenient to refill a gas tank directly before you drop it off. But think about the prices for gas there? Traditionally, the prices are high at the airport territory. Remember the name – You can use this app to check the territory and find the nearest station with the cheapest gas. Before you give the car back, try to check it one more time to be sure that you didn’t forget your stuff. Check the car boot! Also, check your smartphone, chargers, keys, and even your sunglasses.

Make sure that the car you were responsible for is ok. If there are any damages, try to clear the situation and pay for it according to your rental contract.

Do you need wheels for the next trip? Rental car services can make you free and flexible in transportation. By the way, rental car is often the only one way of traveling in many countries. But you shouldn’t forget that a car is a big responsibility and you are responsible for its working condition. To clear the situation try to book online and contact to companies you can trust to.

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