Simple Tips to Help You Sing Better

6 Jun 2019

There are many ways in which you can improve your singing. Adrianne White is a famous singer and songwriter who used a few of these to benefit her singing career. She is also an American model and an actress. Adrianne is famous for the acclaimed work that she’s done for the famous lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret. She even made her cinematic debut with the film “Prodigy.” Adrianne White has many tips to share with her followers. Here are some simple ones to help you sing better.

Keep your mouth wide open while you are singing. Singers who keep their mouths very tight, are likely to strain their tongues and cannot reach all the higher notes. A good rule is the 2 fingers. If you can place fingers between the teeth (especially in the open vowels like “a” and “o”) while you sing, then you are doing well.

Relax the tongue. Between 65% – 85% of vocal problems involve tension in the language. The worst part is that many people are not even aware of this tension. You can watch yourself in the mirror while you sing. If the tip of the tongue is not normally at rest between the front teeth below, you need to improve and practice.

Do not take too much air. If you breathe too much air pressure is created in the torso that blocks the air and creates a problem at the time of singing. It is more prominent when you sing high notes with this sort of tension in the neck. To solve this, practice a few breathing exercises.

Open and relax the back of the mouth. This allows the front of the mouth to open more. If the back of the mouth is closed, the voice will sound dull. To get an idea of this, keep the “ng” and feel how closed it is. Now pronounce “ah” and you will notice that it is a more open sound.

Sing with energy. Singing is a very physical activity. You should be excited about what you are doing or it will sound dull (flat). Singing with energy will help you with the highest notes. Walk a little before you start and you will realize how much it helps.

Feel what you are singing. Music is a form of expression. It is alive and has a great capacity to influence the people who listen to you. But that is only true when you feel what you are singing. Try to connect with the song through some lived experiences.

Feel comfortable singing. Singing should be like talking, there should be no pressure, tension or effort. These sensations usually occur when the vocal cord is forced.

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