Smart Traveler: Warning and Dangers While Traveling in Chicago

17 Sep 2018

Where are you going? If Chicago is your choice for today, you should read this! There are regions where the acts of violence often happen. But it doesn’t mean that the city is dangerous. Not at all! But still, it attracts you with its gangster history. How about renting a car in a style of an Old Chicago and drive it over the city areas. Anyway, you must be interested in tips about how to stay safe while traveling for business and pleasure. And it’s not only about Chicago. You should follow them all while you are on the go. There may be times when one of these advices could save your luggage or even life. Just read these DOs and DON’Ts and pick what is the best for you.

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Don’t trust hotel door

Hotel chains and locks are useful but don’t trust them too much. Try to keep your valuables in the hotel lockbox, but not in the room. Also, if you have an uncovered peephole in the door, cover it with a paper or tissue. This can help to stay in private and nobody can see what is happening in your room.

Watch your keys

Speaking about cars, whatever it is your car or taken for rent, you’d better watch your key fobs. As a rule, if you stay in the hotel, there is a special car parking zone, where your vehicle is in safe. Whenever you go, try to park your car near your location. This can help your to be fast to react if someone tries to steal it. Keep your car fobs always near at hand. There is a panic button that makes your car to flash headlights and horn. Walking alone in the park you should keep your keys in hand and be careful. By the way, it can be the only one possible weapon you have if someone attacks you around corner.

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Don’t add your home address to your GPS, laptop or smartphone

Just think about it. If someone steals your phone or laptop, it makes the things worse if the crook knows your factual address, doesn’t it? Your home may be in danger then.

Remote access for your smartphone or laptop

As a rule, your telephone contains much personal information about your life, home, family, work, even banking. If it is stolen, there is an opportunity to wipe any sensitive information on it. You can do it even remotely.

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Be careful using social media

When you are traveling, you want to share this information with your friends and everyone who reads your page on FB or twitter or somewhere else on the web. You can post your amazing pictures, share your impressions and write about where you are and what you are doing right now. What if your information is seen by bad guys? They can try to get into your house when you are away! Of course, you can share your impressions, but don’t let other people know that nobody is at home at the moment.

Don’t spread personal information by phone

Be careful! Don’t share your personal information by phone, especially if someone’s calling to know something about your bank account or credit card number. Just check the information first! How? Look attentively! There is a bank contact number on the back of your card. Call them back!

Check the calls to your room

If you suddenly receive a call to your hotel room from the reception, informing you about the necessity to repair something in your room check the information carefully. If you have doubts, hang up and call the reception back. It doesn’t take much time but it makes you sleep well while you are having fun outdoors.

Don’t trust to “wrong number” calls

Don’t talk to so-called wrong numbers. If someone’s calling and you don’t know that person, don’t give any information about you, your plans and location. It can be dangerous. What if it is a criminal seeking? Anyway, don’t trust to no one by phone!


Of course, when you are traveling, there is no absolutely safe place, especially in a new city. The trouble can be waiting for you not only in the crowded city centers, but in the quiet suburbs. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that you should stay in the hotel, switch off your phone and forget about attractions. Whenever you are, in the park or nightclub, in the shop or sport ground, try to keep safety measures. First of all, try not to walk at night on a new place and always stay in a company of your friends. Your night walk will be safe then. Watch your valuables and don’t leave your wallet and credit cards in the car or in the hotel room. It is better to use a lockbox. Just be careful!

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